PGA Golf Championship 2011

I thought I’d write about something I did a few days ago.

On Wednesday 10th August I got the chance to see a preview of the prestigious PGA annual golf championship. I heard that the tickets are pretty difficult to get a hold of so I was very happy that my Dad’s work provided them.

I didn’t really know what to expect from it. The only other golf tournament I’ve been to is the Johnny Walker one in Scotland but I can’t really remember it. I even searched up ‘what to wear to a golf tournament’ simply because I didn’t want to look like a fool.

My first impressions were:

  • People dressed like golfers
  • Fedora hats
  • Sunglasses
  • DSLR Cameras

Here are some photos…

I think they were all there to see Tiger Woods.

An elderly gentleman.

I asked a stranger if I could take a photo of him(!) Loved his shirt, way cooler than everyone else’s Ralph Lauren nonsense. Apparently it’s vintage 60’s.

Boy waiting for an autograph
Camilo Villegas signing my hat.

Camilo Villegas signing my cap.
Golf Caddy

All photos taken by my Nikon Coolpix S3100


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