Photos of my neighbourhood/Learning new words

Here is a glimpse of the suburban area I live in.

What Atlanta lacks with people, it makes up for with trees. It keeps the air clean too.

Today was the least humid day ever. I don’t feel like I’m sizzling on a barbecue!
All photos taken by my Nikon Coolpix S3100.

Everyone here keeps their home and garden so presentable and neat…A doorway in the neighbourhood
I’ll probably get reported by Neighbourhood Watch walking around with a camera like that.
That sign below freaks me out
There isn’t a living soul out here. Like a happy happy beautiful ghost town. This is the main road which is outside our division.
Road near home
A road near home
Like a deserted film set don’t you think? Maybe all the mad smiley actors will burst out the door singing.
A house in the neighbourhood
A house in the neighbourhood

This is a photo of my home taken in April when there were no flowers planted.
My, did the house look grouchy.
Welcome to my new American home!

A while ago my Dad downloaded these vocabulary boosting audiobook type things. At first I found them absolutely hideous and embarrassing – the whole series is called Wordmaster! so that’s bad enough – but now I find them relatively useful. The male and female voices are extremely patronizing but I guess if they were too lifeless then it wouldn’t encourage the words to sink in. Their phrases consist of:

“Remember… You WILL master these words!!”

“Don’t worry if you can’t remember them now! Go back and listen as many times as you need to!!”

You get the idea… Plus there’s rubbishy classical music playing in the background which claims to help you learn better? Think of a mediocre sounding baroque solo violin concerto accompanied by electronic strings. Very classy.

With some scribbling down and careful concentration, I have learnt words that I hadn’t come across very often, such as:

  • palpitate: to flutter, beat faster than usual, quiver
  • accrue: to accumulate, to grow
  • nefarious: evil, wicked
  • animosity: dislike or hatred of something/someone

Whatever anyone thinks of me I am going to keep listening to these scintillating tracks (I learnt scintillating from there too, ho, ho, ho). I know a number of names people will refer to me now after reading this: gimp, geek and idiot. The latter because I haven’t heard these words often and they think these words are too simple and common for them.

BUT, I know that one day I will be virtuous above all you who scorned me, because I’ll know more words than you will.

*evil laughter*

Happy days. Thanks for reading.


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