“Why are British People Ugly?” and other shallow things…

Today I did a bit of packing and tidying up, because on Monday I’m flying back to the UK and on the weekend we’re going to Smokey Mountain National Park (yay).

I did some organizing of papers/emails/schedules on my laptop and also decided to browse the web for some advice on starting Higher courses yadayada etc.
This led me onto TheStudentRoom.co.uk site which I’ve visited a few times before. It’s pretty good and members can post topics; from deep, dark relationship problems to publishing exams answers from the previous day, it answers just about any question a student has on their mind. But then, as I was wondering across the vast Forum, I came across this post:

Why are British people ugly?

I chuckled when I read the title. Could anyone be so shallow to think that all British people are what society would deem ‘ugly’? However, I clicked on it and saw a photo they had posted. I admit I couldn’t disagree with the fact that the girls in the background of the photo weren’t the prettiest of the British lot. A source was also provided:

* Proof that British people are the ugly *

The article presented us with statistics from the internet dating site BeautifulPeople.com. Hopeful applicants submit a photo which is voted on by the members of the site. If you’re beautiful enough to them, you’re in! How exciting! That article reminded me of a previous one I had read, where BeautifulPeople.com had a fault in their system. This caused a ‘catastrophe’ as people who weren’t ‘beautiful’ enough were mistakenly given memberships.


Now… You would understand why I did what I did next. Who wouldn’t want to have a look at this infamous site after reading 2 funny articles about it? I went on there to see what it was all about. I went on their About section first and this is how they justify the way their site works,

The vote is fair and democratic.
BeautifulPeople does not define beauty it simply gives an accurate representation of what society’s ideal of beauty is as decided by the members.

Sounds sort of fair enough. But still potentially damaging to some ‘ugly’ people’s minds don’t you think? Now I understand that some may think that the next thing I did is a bit ridiculous, but I am far too curious and nosey to not know everything about this site.

I submitted an ‘application to be beautiful enough to date beautiful people’.

I lied about my age because you have to be 18, lied about things about what I liked to do and voila, I entered the world of the Elite beauty. How magnificent. (If you’re wondering what photo I used, it’s my current Facebook profile photo, simply because it was handy at the time.) I also used my real name simply because I know some people judge me from just knowing my alien name.

There are several tabs but I clicked ‘Members’ because I wanted to see if these people were really all that special. This spread out more tabs: Top Lists, Latest Online, Elite (lol), Applicants. I clicked the latter. Since I am female (I hope), I am presented with mugshots of males. I clicked on a random one and it took me to their Profile.

Depending on who you click on, some profiles show whether the potential member is on their way to getting IN or OUT, and display a sort of chart comparing the types of vote they were given. Members vote the applicant ‘Beautiful’, ‘Hmmm OK’, ‘No’ or ‘Absolutely Not’. You cannot see what they voted for yours exactly, however it does display whether you’re IN/OUT and how many positive votes you’ve received:

As you can see, I am OUT and currently too ugly for this site. I am going to cry in my bathroom now and put on some sad music.

If you’re wanting my opinion of the people’s looks, then I can say that some of them okay and some of them are a little trashy. The latter is directed slightly more to the girls – think big cleavages and pouts. I cannot help but feel bad for the people who have a really high Absolutely Not bar, because they’re not UGLY and there are some with high Beautiful bars which I believe should not fall in that category.

Somehow the concept of this site doesn’t seem that cruel. The website isn’t controlling what is ‘beautiful’, the members are and it is only natural that human beings judge people by their looks.
We all want ‘good’ offspring after all, don’t we? It’s an underlying requirement behind wanting a ‘beautiful’ partner and why some people are more attractive to you than others.

The only thing which truly bugs me is the Elite tab.

It’s just so… Wrong.

What do you think? Why don’t you give it a go? Are you special enough to be in this?

Thanks for reading!


N.B. If nobody gathered that I was being sarcastic in some of my phrases, then you’ll have perceived me incorrectly.


As you can see, with only 4 hours to go, there's no chance that I'm getting IN.


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