The Baltic Sea Cruise

In less than a week, I will be beginning the final leg of my summer holidays. It’s silly since it’s just weeks before school starts, but I’m so excited! I have never had this sort of holiday before. Somehow I associate it with rich elderly couples.

The Baltic Sea and its surrounding countries.

My ‘Aunt’ Chan (she’s not blood related but a close friend of my Mum’s) and two of her relatives + me are going on a Norwegian Cruise in the Baltic Sea! It’s for 9 days and we will stop off at various cities dotted around the coast to allow us to see some culture. We have booked tours in Berlin, St Petersburg and Tallinn, the capitals of Germany, Russia and Estonia respectively, and we are going roam freely in the other cities; Helsinki and Stockholm.

Sadly I don’t think they have free WiFi on board so I might not be able to write much while I’m on board. I will just do a mega blog post some time after.

Aunt Chan has put a hell of a lot of effort in organizing the whole thing so I definitely had to get/make her a gift. She’s a lady who’s not fussy or materialistic, so make-up and jewelry weren’t strong candidates for the place. I ended up buying a lovely violet scarf for her, simply because it’s Autumn soon and it’s pretty yet practical enough for her. I am also in the process of making her a Thank You card. I like making cards and I’ve made a few birthday ones before too. It takes up a lot of time but it’s a good way to practice drawing every once in a while. Plus you know that the recipients will keep them (they better do or else…) since it’s ‘one-of-a-kind’. Here are some pictures of Chan’s card:


I couldn’t think of what to put on the front for ages but eventually I set myself a challenge to draw a cruise ship. Simply because it will be the most memorable image from the trip. The bizarre lines above each ship – which are divided into mathematically correct sections – are to help me proportion the drawing to look reasonably normal.

(Hope you like a little taster of my thumb on the corner.)



This is what it’ll look like perched up…
…And this is what I wrote inside! Something short but I hope it comes across heartwarming and meaningful. DuoDuo is a Chinese nickname I have and it literally translates to: More More. I was given this name because I was a fat ass baby. Barely recognizable compared to now. Also as you can see, I was good enough to give my parents an opportunity to be part of this token of gratitude. Dad’s Chinese signature there. A space for Mum’s when I see her next week.

Any suggestions? Is the card too bare?
Any tips on how to draw cruise ships? :S

Hope everyone’s still having a wonderful holiday!



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