Do you ever get a cold bellybutton?

This is a quick post between the one about the cities since I’ve only got my phone Internet handy right now.

Today, after the noisiest, most stressful packing of my life – mothers these days… – I returned to school. Reuniting with my friends was wonderful. I completely forgot about the meticulous packing that was completed an hour ago. It was made even better when I received belated birthday gifts from my lovely friends.

Among these treasures include beauty products, jewelry, and a vintage coat. But a special mention must be made for the gift I received from my amazing friend – whom I shall only name ‘Fanny’ – because it’s just bloody marvelous.

She got me a Sheepskin Belly Button Warmer.



Goodnight and farewell to the summer that went by too fast.

Tomorrow morning I say hey to studying and stress.


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