Standard: Love at Loudons

Today is the end of an odd week. It began with my phone quacking (my duck ringtone) a little too early for a Sunday morning. It was my Mother, insisting that I go swimming… I don’t mind swimming but I prefer doing it at night because I can’t practice after I’ve swam – everything sounds extra-terrestial and out of tune. Maybe that’s just my playing though.

For lunch, my friends and I went out for a meal at Loudons Cafe & Bakery. My friend, the one who taught me some Skipton slang and who I will nickname ‘Bare Beaut Babe’, had Groupon vouchers for 4 people; a deal for a Brunch Dish, a drink and any slice of cake! It was clearly going to be more exciting than school brunch. The other 2 friends I will nickname Olive and Fug.

We arrived and it was so busy, we kind of hovered around until a table was free. It was mostly full of young people – University students – and the interior was modern and laid-back. There was a strange elderly man who seemed to hang around for a long time, having multiple cups of tea/coffee. He had a hat like a Mad Hatter, patchwork-y and big.

This is what I ate – Eggs Benny with Gammon. (I felt a little childish saying that outloud. Why can’t I just say ‘Benedict’?!) I ordered Jasmine Tea, with the flower bud which opens when you pour the hot water in!


Thoroughly enjoyed the tea…


Fug ate Scrambled Eggs + Sausages. Look at how they serve the butter: in a hemisphere! Everything is home-made in the cafe. You can actually see them baking bread if you head downstairs, there’s a window looking into a room beside where the toilets are.


Bare Beaut Babe had a similar dish to me but I was a bit of an idiot not to get a photo of Olive’s lovely bowl of yoghurt and granola.



I’d definitely come back again. Lovely food and lovely staff!

Now I have to return to work. I have an audition on Tuesday for the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain. I wish the auditions were next month – like they were last year – because it just means I have to rush everything! I went on a course last Winter and it was just amazing to be part of it all, so I’d love to get in properly this year.


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