National Youth Orchestra + other good things

  1. I got in to the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain, yes! Hooray! I am in the second violin section!
  2. I have been chosen to play the solo violin part in the Fauré Requiem at school. It’s for a service in the Cathedral.
  3. It’s half-term break and I’m going to France on Monday!

I really do need to thank my mum for getting angry at me and making me do the NYO audition, I was hesitant because I thought for the worst. She told me I was being silly and that 2012 would be a massive year (London Olympics!) – she told me to go for it. ♥

My audition was about a week and a half ago. It was a tiring day because we took an early train down to London and then a late night one back home. The London auditions are the ‘second round’ of the audition process. You have to play 2 contrasting works, a set study and play with other auditionees in a workshop. The workshop is for the panel to see if you work well in a group situation.

Here are some photos from the 2010/2011 Winter Course. I had the most amazing time.






The NYO do three courses – Winter, Easter and Summer. I’m going to be in the BBC Proms next summer! So exciting!

Here is a clip of Fauré’s Requiem ‘Sanctus’, which I will be doing in November 😀 You can’t really hear the violin part much, it’s meant to be something heavenly floating above the voices.

Currently, all I have to play on the violin is Schradieck exercises, Kreutzer studies, scales and short elementary pieces. It’s actually pretty difficult to get through everything… In order for me to get better technique I have to remember not to do my bad habits. It’s tiring and it takes forever. 😦 People say it may not always take as long as we think.

France! This is a week long trip. It’s with my mother and my Godfather. He is getting on with his age so he wants to travel as much as he can. We will be in Paris and Cognac, meeting friends and important people. I’m terrified of speaking French to the natives… I hope there will be lots to write up.

À bientôt!


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