Celebrating the last day in Paris, with Schradieck.

I’m by myself at the moment, which is quite unusual if I’m abroad with my Mum. No disrespecting her at all (!) but I feel very happy and free to be alone. Our hotel is quite close to the centre of Paris, an area which is a very tempting option for me to wander around.


Unfortunately, I have school in about a day and I play musical instruments. This means I have to deprive myself of this freedom and stay in the hotel room in order to make a start on essays and practice the violin. (I feel bad… I haven’t touched a piano for ages.) Luckily we have a street view and a balcony which allows you to see quite alot of the street, so I still feel good staying in the room. Maybe I will wander out the room, downstairs, out the hotel, into the street and beyond…

But only after I finish my …duties.


Thinking about my violin, I’ve never actually noticed how far it has travelled with me, so I decided to make it feel loved and took some photos of it. Some of my friends have given names to their instruments, maybe I should think of one for mine. I haven’t a clue and I don’t even know what gender it is.




Maybe I should practice on the balcony?


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