More unseen footage taken inside a music school…

Today after orchestra rehearsal (we finished a bit too early for my liking), the houseparents of the boarding house were nowhere to be seen. I cannot explain exactly how I feel when I approach the door to my room, turn the handle and don’t receive the response I am hoping for. I groan, kick the door a couple of times, and follow this act of violence by screaming/shouting for the houseparents to come and let me into my refuge. Today, they were about 10 minutes late because of a meeting, but this happened on the corridor:

I was actually part of the miniature chorus before I started filming this on my phone. We were saying,


Then it evolved into more of a bagpipes lesson.

And then a mini concert:

The girl who’s playing in the video above is like… a genius.
She’s so amazing we are just… like this:

😀 Off to belly dancing now, yay.


2 thoughts on “More unseen footage taken inside a music school…

    • The one who was punching, was helping the other get the sound going in the instrument. It was the end of school so she just brought her pipes with her, with the intention of going into the room. But the rooms were locked, so all of this took place!

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