Fauré Requiem – Remembrance Sunday

Today our school took part in the Cathedral service for a devotional performance of Fauré’s Requiem. I thought it went well and the playing/singing was beautiful. I only played in 1 out of the 7 movements (Sanctus) so I got to listen to the rest of it. I’ve never played solo violin in a cathedral before so I wasn’t sure how things would turn out. The rehearsal went fine but unfortunately the real performance was put down by me making some of it out of tune.

(It’s terrifying having to play so high, alone. And it’s cold. But I’m not going to make any excuses!)


My Sanctus part. Those who don’t know the piece, Fauré’s Requiem is scored for violas, ‘cellos, bass, harp, horns, solo violin and SATB choir.

He wrote it in memory of his father. (I think?)







My apologies to Fauré – I’ll do a better job of the solo next time.

I have a video of the rehearsal, but I’m not going to put it up… 😀


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