Standard: Never has stress felt so good.

Delivery from mum:
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“You need to top up with nutrients!”
“You’re still growing!”
“Eat more!”
“Nourish yourself!”
“…and don’t forget: DRINK WATER!”

These are a number of phrases which you will hear from my mother, directed at me, often in a frustrated manner. To be fair, I do forget to drink water, especially when I’m practicing; I know the benefits and still abstain from refreshing my brain; I forget about taking fruit, and cod liver oil pills; these are not deemed valid excuses by my mother obviously…

“WHAAAT you haven’t drank water for forty five minutes?!”

I think the best example of how strongly my mother feels about food was one time when I couldn’t join her for dinner because I had a ticket to the opera – The Barber of Seville by Rossini which was the most stupendous thing ever – I later received a message from her that she had dropped off Chinese takeaway for me and my friends back at the boarding house. My friends were completely taken by surprise but they didn’t complain. They gave thanks to the God of food (my mother) and we finished all of it.

Sometimes I think she’s mad. I always have a box of chocolates in my room; I always have a pot of ‘special’ honey; I have bowls of fresh sliced fruit; I have a collection of fruit bars; there are various packets of biscuits; last night I got given an apple pie.

I appreciate it so much. I am so glad I haven’t got a mother who says offensive things about my body (unfortunately I know of some, which my friends have) but it’s getting to the point where my friends are saying things like:

“I love your Mum.”

I cannot believe the power of food has the ability to sway my friends: they’re all going to abandon me and be friends with my mother. And they’re going to get food from her.

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Nothing is better than relaxing with food. With so much going on in school, sometimes a cake makes things easier.

Technical Assessments are over for another year for me. Violin went well but piano was an absolute disaster! But I haven’t had time to practice it.

(To my friends seeing this photo and thinking how sad I am to take a photo of the assessment timetable, I insist this was for my diary in the first place.)Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

I’m looking forward to the concert we are doing tomorrow night.
We had one rehearsal on the piece we are doing, Dvorãk ‘American’ Quartet 2nd Movement, this evening. Its sounding fine; majority of respect for Kez for learning the second violin part in a day; we’ve all played it before apart from her! Last time I was doing the violin II so it will be nice to have an opportunity to have done both.

There is a rehearsal tomorrow at 11am at the Usher Hall. We appear to be the main spectacle of the show. This is very worrying. There are guest players in the concert who are definitely without a doubt more established than us.

On Sunday I have an audition for the European Union Youth Orchestra. It’s in Glasgow. It will be an interesting experience. I have to prepare the set orchestral excerpts and they are so difficult!

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As I make no further progress to finish my school work, I distract myself, purposefully blind to the fact that there are essays to be done (I feel like I am so behind). One night I took a pen and drew a smiley on the bottom of my roomie’s toe. She was asleep. I like how she never found out but it was always there. She will find out now though and it will have rubbed away. So will she ever believe that it was really there? At least I have proof.

Omg rly need ma sleep am so shattered lyk. ZZZZZZ……. I can barely keep my eyes open. I cba writing big words. Doin sum txt ch@ now. After the audition on Sunday I shall write again.

All my posts are beginning to end with the statement that I need to sleep. Sorry: it really is the only thing on my mind these days.

Oh may I add that I went to a fashion show tonight: Harvey Nichols at the National Portrait Gallery. It was pretty. Got some nice ideas for concert dresses, that is if I ever have concerts or enough money.

Thx 4 reading. Cya.

PS. I’m learning Bruch violin concerto, yay, big piece.


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