Image: London tomorrow (and some murders too)


A few weeks ago, Mum received a gift. How lucky are we to have the entire collection of Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot?

I vaguely remember last Christmas Day. I think Mum and I were on the sofa watching several episodes of this cute man puzzling over murder mysteries. That’s how we celebrated Christmas. Is it weird that we don’t put up a Christmas Tree anymore?

Tomorrow I’m off to London to revisit 7 years of my life.

When I was 7 years old, I auditioned for the National Children’s Orchestra of Great Britain (NCO) via video tape, a method which seems rather absurd thinking about it now! I was accepted but hadn’t a clue what to expect: what does an orchestra mean to a 7 year old anyway.
There are 6 age banded orchestras in this lovely organisation. Each year I returned as a member, often in the ‘next orchestra up’ which is generally how it works as you age. Finally at 14 years old you’re in ‘Main Orchestra’ which feels so cool because you are the big ones (then you go to NYO and meet more geniuses). I was more fascinated at the fact that by 14, I had spent half of my life being in NCO; every summer for 7 years included an NCO course; every concert for 7 years I had to wear a floor length red skirt (uniform).

I couldn’t possibly bore with details of my days at NCO but I know that without those 7 years of experience, I’d be twice the dummy I am now. Also I wouldn’t have friends outside Edinburgh.

They do Christmas concerts in London every year. This year, ex-members are invited to a pre-concert reception. I also just realized now, that I have never watched an NCO concert before. I’ve always just played in them. This is a new experience for me…

I don’t know what to expect either. I bet I’ll be alone. Nobody from my ‘generation’ seem to be going to the reception.

Oh at least I’ll be in London.


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