Standard: The day “Hurricane Bawbag” arrived and tormented my life.

I swear that it is a massive health risk to be sleeping in a room as cold as the one I am designated in school. The heating ‘works’ to a feeble extent and the windows are old and single glazed. This is just perfect for the newly named “Hurricane Bawbag” to sweep through the entire boarding house, under the crack of the doors, through the sides of the windows and hit me.

Towels to shield myself from the wind as much as possible. It’s not really working but hopefully it can have some sort of placebo affect on me. The cold still comes through the sides and I don’t know how to prevent it other than blutac and clay. I don’t have any though…

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The only thing school have provided us with are these blinds. I WANT THICK CURTAINS, but oh no I can’t because they’re a fire hazard.

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What’s worse is that the school have now announced a new rule that we aren’t allowed to dry our clothes along the radiators in the corridors because it’s a fire hazard. They are also threatening to only let us have tumble dryable clothes.

If my radiators worked then I wouldn’t be using the ones in the corridor! I have learnt my lesson anyway, because after hanging my damp bath towels for the night, they vanished the following day. WHOEVER HAS THEM PLEASE RETURN THEM TO ME. I am deprived of my two best fluffiest warmest towels and I am stuck in a room which doesn’t even function as a room anymore: it’s just like being outside. So I am cold and unable to dry myself properly with the less lovely towels I have borrowed from the boarding house. Getting ready for bed is torture and getting up in the morning is just hopeless.

I’m not going to complain about this to my mother or she will have probably have the school sued for it.

Meanwhile during the school day, we relived the feeling of jealousy and anger when we discovered that almost all schools in Scotland had shut at noon due to the winds. We never shut. Last year it was snow and this year it’s a bawbag. All the day pupils left and at the end of the day everyone almost just gave up rehearsing.

Our English teacher was away so this is one of the many things that happened in class this afternoon:

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We were meant to be completing the questions which required us to analyse sentence structure and types of sentences.I think the majority of us only completed one question because we didn’t understand it.

Our instructions included revising/learning certain tools of punctuation. We did this through singing (badly) and it was quite amusing; the textbook facts set to the tune of Away In A Manger Christmas carol; it did not fit well at all; the French class told us afterwards it was so loud.

Our supervisor was another teacher but she was in a separate room doing work. She did tell us off for making so much noise but she let us do some creative singing in the last moments of the lesson and she wanted to see it as well. I just couldn’t stop laughing!


I hope I am alive by the end of the week. Apparently it’ll be below freezing tonight. I think I might light up a fire by burning a piano in school and perhaps a few books.


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