Image: Why you shouldn’t tell your parents about your blog..



Yesterday I was approached by a senior member of staff and got the fright of my life when she said,

“We have a problem with your blog.”

It turns out my Dad emailed the school because the last post I wrote (Hurricane Bawbag) worried him. Although I was being serious, I never meant it as a real plea to be saved! The staff member appeared to be a bit anxious and I feel bad. But I shouldn’t really feel guilty because I’m not doing anything wrong. The only thing that concerns me is that now, the whole senior management team know about my blog and that makes me anxious.

I asked my Dad about it and I appreciate his concern. He said he didn’t give my address out and only quoted some lines of the post. If that is what happened, then how did that member of staff know about that photo I took in the English class?! They must have searched for my blog. This is actually so embarrassing…

In the end I can’t hide myself and still expect people to read it. I will carry on with it and hope that no more fuss will be made.

Today I am meeting a friend. He’s visiting for the day! I think I’m meant to be a tour guide but I currently do not know where to go. Oh dear.

Happy snowy day. 🙂


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