Hi, my name is…

I am at NYO! It is fantastic. I am enjoying every minute of it. Even if my ears hurt from the massive sound the orchestra makes and even if my hands and thighs are bruised from the Handsfree piece. (I must be a bit too enthusiastic…)


Beat-boxing. It is so tiring to do.

Today I played piano in orchestra. It was absolutely terrifying but great fun. People said you can’t really hear me so that’s good if I play wrong notes. It’s a tricky part because it is just doubling a lot of what the rest of the orchestra is playing – a bit all over the place.

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This is my view from where I sit:
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I almost panicked when the conductor asked the woodwind and piano to play the opening because it’s the most difficult section. Anyway, even if I mess up I can say to people,

‘”I’ve played piano in the Barbican and Liverpool Concert halls! Haw haw haw.”

Fingers crossed I get the opportunity to play piano in the Royal Albert Hall the the NYO BBC Prom?! That would be phenomenal… Okay, must not make mistakes.


I’ve met a lot of people on this course and everyone is lovely. I am generally very comfortable to introduce myself. Other places however, I am not so sure about…

Like the girl said from the Poirot episode ‘Clocks’ shown on Boxing Day just recently. Hercule Poirot introduced himself (Her-cyool Pwa-roh) to a young girl and she said, laughing,

“That’s not a name; that’s a noise!”

This is precisely what my name is. A noise. It’s a noise some people make when they get tickled or when they’re constipated or when they’re trying to be a squeaky toy. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee…

I am flattered when someone says they like it, but a friend of my mother’s wondered why my parents gave me this name. She’s made me fear my future ever since she told me to imagine an old woman with a name like mine. She said, it’s fine for a little girl you know but for a 70 year old woman?

Every time I think about it I feel more queasy.

I am grateful to have a unique name but sometimes I just wonder what it’d be like to have one which could suit me through the ages.

It’s fun though, to hear people say variations of it if they don’t know how to pronounce it or they don’t remember it. Here are a list of the best ones:

  • Hee Hee
  • Why Why
  • Eye Eye
  • Yay Yay
  • Eh-tie (?)

I’m looking forward to tomorrow because the composer of Hammered Out (Mark-Anthony Turnage) is coming! I wonder what he’ll say about the piece. Hmm.



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