Standard: Bf-t-s-ca-psh!

NYO Winter Course – Day 2

Mark-Anthony Turnage attended our rehearsal of Hammered Out. He told us how the piece came about. He also said that we sounded better in rehearsal than another famous orchestra did when they played it in a concert. That’s a very, very nice thing to say.

We also read through the 2nd movement of the Walton Symphony for the first time. The symphony is also about a terrible romantic relationship he had with a lady and it goes frighteningly fast:

We learned more of the Handsfree routine which is soon going to rip my lips apart from all the beat-boxing sounds (the Bf sound in particular – it’s has to be really deep and like a kick drum thing) we are creating. It gets so complicated. I can’t explain how it works. It can only be shown properly in concert. I absolutely love it. I love how the whole orchestra is memorizing it. How we don’t need our instruments. It sounds and looks amazing.

Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve! I am soon going to have to make myself write 12 instead of 11. That’ll take a while to sink in. Meanwhile, we will be having a Ceilidh in the dining hall (which is beautiful, like the one in Hogwarts). I can’t wait to dance!

Happy New Year everybody. ♥


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