Standard: Goodmorning 2012.

According to NYO we had a Celidh (below) last night to celebrate Hogmanay (a red line just appeared beneath the word so it must not be a real term according to Google…)
Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

I enjoyed it. I hardly took any photos because I was dancing pretty much all the time. At the end of the night I could barely recognize myself – ‘wet’ hair, red face, etc. – and I was in desperate need for a shower. The band were a little irritating because they weren’t obliged to play any Scottish Dances,

“Oh no, the Gay Gordon’s. Nope I will not, it’s the most boring dance in the world…”

Eventually we did do it and a friend of mine took us through the steps with his booming Scots accent echoing down the massive hall.

A rather varied photo:Photobucket

Two members of the orchestra played some folk music of their own.


Two of my friends who look the same. Almost.
PhotobucketToday our conductor Paul Daniel is coming. Exciting.

Have a great year everybody. 🙂


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