Michael Jackson iz Bellydancin’ in da house

First day of the school Spring term!

I look like the pair from How Clean is Your House. With their gloves, they look like they can’t bear to touch anything. Major OCD types.

I don’t think I’m very OCD – only when it comes to clothes and shoes perhaps and toiletries (it’s not very subtle when someone leaves a hair inside the body scrub after using it!).

I am only wearing these gloves to stop my hands from getting hurt because the eczema isn’t very nice.

It’s not that it’s bleeding agony it’s just a bit more uncomfortable doing certain things: opening a water bottle, fastening my school bag back together etc. I won’t talk about it any more because it’s not even severe.

I also bear similarities to Michael Jackson. I’ve been teased during the day at school. In a gentle way of course.

Tomorrow is the first orchestra rehearsal where I am leading. I’m excited because we are also reading through new works for the Easter Concert programme. Sight-reading is fun and it doesn’t matter if anyone plays badly so I have an excuse to mess up. We are playing two Bach Cantatas, Magic Flute Overture and a Concerto which will be decided after the school concerto competition goes ahead.

I asked at the end of term, after the Head of Music told me the programme, whether we’d be doing any choral works because that’s what we do every Easter. He said,

“Uh yes, the two Bach Cantatas are with chorus…”

Why am I so dim… People are going to follow me this term and I don’t even know what’s going on.

I also resume my belly-dancing classes, hoorah! I cannot wait. Though I think I’ve lost the flexibility, not that it was particularly great anyway.


I can also get internet from my room now, thanks to Bunny who has an account with BT Openzone. It’s always a hotspot which connects to my iPhone automatically and it seriously gets on my nerves because before I never had a username, but now I think we can get on well. 🙂

I don’t think I should stay on here any longer. Why am I on here, I should be doing my English essays?! Oh dear, it’s just too fun to write for myself.



One thought on “Michael Jackson iz Bellydancin’ in da house

  1. YeYe I can enivisage you combining your multiple talents in another new type of musical performance, involving bpth wriggling and slapping, wearing rubber gloves maybe. Another string to your bow!

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