“Your Camels are looking beautiful!”

For those who are mistaken into thinking that I breed camels…

Hmmm... Beautiful camel.
…please refrain from thinking this. I am referring to these camels, tummy ripples perhaps, as demonstrated in the video below:

Today has probably been the best bellydancing class I’ve had so far. Last week was a bit strange because I spent my Christmas break not doing any dancing so I was looking a bit more ridiculous than I do usually. HOWEVER my teacher came up to me today and said that my camels that I was just doing,

“…are looking beautiful!”

Camels feel amazing to do. I can’t explain it, it’s just so cool. It’s just a basic forward-back movement which incorporates the hips and tummy.

She said that only to me in the class! Not bad for only two terms of dancing. I am taking the opportunity to be extremely happy about this because I want to express how great it feels to be complimented on how you dance. It’s good to know people can see that you are in control of your body – being able to isolate one part whilst being flexible in the other. Applying it to playing music, that’s what you have to do to acquire the best technique. (Oh I’m so ‘bright’ linking together something so obvious… )

Bellydancing Improvers Class. No longer beginners! The moves are more challenging and we will learn a routine throughout the term. I also started chatting to a petite, elderly lady with a bob-cut of silver hair. I asked her how long she had been dancing,

Oh well, actually I’ve been dancing for about sixteen years now, oh yes!”

I was nodding in interest and then it got a bit too much when she starting going on about different teachers she had in the past. Thank you madam, but I didn’t ask for your whole life story,

…she was a fabulous teacher! But… then she moved away so that was a shame.”

Oh no! said I, expressing sympathy as best as I could, because I could really relate to that. With all my years of bellydancing… Dancing. I then told her that this was only my second term.

Oh really? Well… you’ve got a lot to learn!”

There is something about elderly people, who think they are the most experienced beings in the universe (which they are obviously), speaking to young people like that. I knew from her tone that she felt proud. She felt like a veteran diva – faire toujours du cinéma is the translation I learnt in French recently and I feel slightly uncomfortable around people like that. Fair enough, have a good time but by saying something like that in that manner can imply that there’s no hope for me. (I don’t actually think that because I CAN DO CAMELS BEAUTIFULLY AFTER ONE TERM.)

Yeah! You can do them camels well!

I told her that I treat bellydancing as an opportunity to get out of school life, away from everyone else (you know I love you all) and find time solely devoted to me. Only me. She nodded. I know in other schools and institutions, you’re not allowed out much at all. The timetable doesn’t allow it and they don’t offer or suggest activities for you. I think I would go mad.  

 I have no life, get me out of here.

Obviously, what other young people consider a ‘life’ may differ from my opinion. I know some people would/do dislike the way I spend my time and the way the school I go to works. But I survive… Just. Without all the house parties (never been to one), school parties, etc. – by the way this is just from what I observe on Facebook… – it’s doable. Especially if you just had some Chinese dumplings. Life is momentarily perfect as you consume them.

 This is why my country is awesome.

I have done absolutely no homework tonight and I have an English assessment tomorrow but I am feeling fully content. I’ve also had a haircut – a trim really. Finally some more shape on my head. People have complimented it but what does it mean when someone says you look nice on a particular day? Does that mean I look bad on other days and I happen to look better today? Hm.

ENGLISH ENGLISH ENGLISH why must you torment me so? Is it not possible to get a higher mark for my essays?! I need help…

Maybe something will help me overnight. In my dreams. Goodnight all.


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