Xin Nian Kwai Le, for the second time.

Happy New Year everyone! It’s the year of the Dragon. I don’t think I know anyone off the top of my head who has this zodiac.

I’m a Boar.

Today I wrote a card to a friend and my mum suggested I fill up what we paid for (£2.50 from Royal Academy of Arts) and do some drawings. Didn’t have much room and it wasn’t really tall enough to draw anything elaborate so I drew bees and a caterpillar – it’ll be Spring soon anyway. Also, Chinese Spring Festival, appropriate. I didn’t realise how giant that obese bee was until I looked at it from a distance.

And now it looks even more ridiculous… (Note: I still haven’t been accustomed to writing 2012 in the date.)Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

And then I drew a ‘caterpillar’…

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I had a truly lovely train journey today. I think it was because not far from where we sat, was a troupe who made about 80% of the noise in the carriage that amused me very much. It consisted of a young mother with four little girls – daughters, I assume – with a elegant little dog; my mother thought there were only 3 little girls and the dog was classed as one of the siblings. Anyway, these 4 girls were crazy as children are at 3-6 years old (I’m guessing the ages) and the Mum was constantly trying to get them to calm down. They’d be running around bare feet, climbing over chairs, playing with the dog, playing Ninendo, playing the iPad.

I slept for a bit and then I woke up to hear funny dialogue.
“Muuuuum, Natalie just died, I want to play Nintendo!” said a small voice.
“Natalie, you agreed that after dying you’d give her a go. Give it to her. Come on, you just died!” Mum was quite a strict woman but she still couldn’t get her kids to calm down anyhow, they were just too happy. Natalie replied with,
“I’ll give it to her after she dies!”
“How can you give it to her after she dies?! She’ll never have a go.”

Dying in a game is something I’ve done before. It’s when you get bombed by another racing car or stabbed by a soldier or eaten by a zombie. It just made me smile that I was hearing the Mum saying this. The dog was as crazy as the girls. As we were getting ready to get off the train, the dog was just sitting in the middle of the walkway looking like a pillow and the littlest girl was walking towards it in a normal toddler fashion. She looked down at it and then suddenly dived into the furryness and started wrestling it.
It was seriously the sweetest thing I had ever seen. 

I missed Chemistry today. This is a sad affair and this revision note also looks sad. I honestly had no intention of drawing a face. Carbon chemistry creates strange things.

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Here’s is a photo of my friend with grapes in his nostrils. I didn’t have any other photos with people in them so I just picked this one, taken last week. Sorry, Bomb, it was yours or the one of Fug.

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Book of the month. What a great read and I’m being serious when I say that it made me laugh. It’s made me a… new man, who knows about subordinate clauses and premodification. 

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