London and a few of the Londoners.

I think Britain really need to sort out their train system. I realized last year how good the standard of train services can be from various cities I visited – Denmark, Berlin, Paris, St. Petersburg. Seriously, the London sleeper train I went on last night, was horrible. The carriages are so old and the temperature was always uncomfortable. In Europe it felt so clean and pleasant I could have slept on the floor. In the toilets I didn’t feel scared to touch anything.


I was in London for some Visa stuff. Although it was a long and almost tiresome process, I had a number of lovely experiences today. Mainly from the people of London.

  • The London Taxi Driver
We arrived in London at around 6:40am and stopped by at a hotel which was a 15 minute walk away from the Embassy – to refresh and to renew ourselves after the pleasant journey south.
After having breakfast, we went to fetch a taxi by the front door. Although the people we asked considered the walk to the Embassy to last ‘five minutes’ we knew that wouldn’t really be the case and we’d be late for the appointment so we asked if the taxi would take us there.
“Yeah… awlroite. I’ll do it for ten pound, cos I’ve bin si’ing ‘ere for an hour.”
Poor guy. It seems incomprehensible why, but we did give him a tenner!

  • The Guy in the Silver Van
After I finally emerged from this application process, I left the building…

A pretty sight in the summer...

…out of a door on the right side of this square shaped building. Since we had to line up in the cold and my mother had cut her thumb from breaking a memory card which we didn’t know was in her bag (NO ELECTRICAL ITEMS ALLOWED INSIDE OF COURSE), it was a great relief for this part of the process to be over.
Despite having police officers in various corners of the grounds, I cheered and lifted my arms up, as one does after accomplishing something.
A few seconds later, after seeing me do my victory dance through the tall black railings, a guy in a van along the busy street who had his window wound down, joined me in my joyful exclamation by saying,
whilst punching his fist outside the van. I wasn’t actually applying for the Green Card specifically, but all my respect goes towards this dude for sympathizing with me.
He must pass this building every day seeing glum people descend those steps and I’m glad to be memorable to him as someone who responded differently from how others normally do. Mum and I found it hilarious. I will always remember him for making me smile.
We had some time before our return journey home so we did some silent retail therapy and window shopping along Regent Street and Oxford Street. I can never bring myself to buy anything anymore because I don’t know what suits me and what I will keep forever! We analysed shops we loved and analysed the ones we didn’t like.
“No… Not that place, they’re so boring. And oh, that shop there, the quality isn’t good.”
It’s a good chance to see what we would buy during sale time. What I really, really, really, want is a classic fountain pen. One that’s gold or one with ridiculous colours. Maybe not one that costs £2500…


They’re a bit of a pain to use when you’re left-handed. Smudge, smudge, smudge.


What do you eat on the train?
Normally you buy fast food or soggy sandwiches and crisps and things, yes? Especially if you’re departing from a station like Kings’ Cross where there are TWO McDonald’s outside the station?! Well, in our recent trips to and from London we have been taking a different approach to our food – a very important matter to my mother of course. We take sandwiches from home and sometimes we take a whole fruit, like a mango + a knife onto the train to skin, slice and eat.
But for us, a trip to Chinatown is necessary for a nice meal on the train. I prefer London for take-away because the portions are a lot more generous. As un-spectacular as it looks in photos, this was soooo yummy.
Make-shift plate with noodles served on top:

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Seafood noodles:

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Wun Tun Soup (a particular favourite of mine):

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Did I mention that my mother is Her Majesty the Queen?

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Back at school, my music has arrived for Carnival of the Animals! I looked through it and spotted that half of the writing inside is scribbled in French. I’m so excited for the first rehearsal this Saturday, but I’m nervous because the part is so tricky for me.

Rugissement du Lion… The Roaring of the Lion

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faute de Chloe et je la regarde… Chloe’s fault and I watch/glare at her
This movement is basically a joke where the two pianos are pretending to be bad pianists and so this must be an indication to act out the scenario!

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

sans ralentir… without slowing down
regarder André… watch André

suivre chef… follow the conductor

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diminuendo à l’entrée de la contrabasse… get softer when the double-bass comes in
Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

It’s so interesting! Well, for me anyway.

I should probably get to bed now. I have a prelim/mock tomorrow – Maths. Someone, swap places with me?

Goodnight to those who have bothered to read everything I managed to ooze out my brain. I do write a lot – is it too much?


One thought on “London and a few of the Londoners.

  1. I tried that sleeper once – didn’t get a wink of sleep! But the carriages aren’t that old actually. Nevertheless the Government is funding a new set of trains for the service soon.
    You must be one of the most well-travelled among us UK bloggers!

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