The Carnival of the Animals

I feel pressurized to write a post about this weekend now, yet I don’t really have much to say. I’ll make things brief.

The Carnival of the Animals is now over. I feel so sad! It’s gone by so quickly – this was us rehearsing in the Queen Elizabeth Hall a week ago:

Double piano power.

The strings with our conductor Tim Redmond.Photobucket

And here we were today. Some of the Carnival walking around in the freezing London sunshine:



Southbank Centre!

Nothing was more adorable than seeing little toddlers responding to the music we were playing:

  • My Mum told me during the ‘Birds’ movement that some were imitating the actors, pretending to be the birds.
  • We mingled with the audience; one bright-eyed little boy (three or four years old?) came up to me by the piano and asked me how much I practised each day. My response was so uninspiring – I feel like a fool.

This was everyone who was involved in this amazing event! (Not my photo!) Roughly actors/conductor on the right and the NYO members on the left.  The cosmic lighting makes us glow abnormally but the overall feel from the lighting was very effective – blue /red beams around the pianos made it atmospheric and pretty.

Within the next few days, I’m sure I’ll some videos will emerge. My Mum recorded quite a bit but the video upload process is so strenuous I’ll wait for other people to share theirs. She even recorded the warm-up this morning, where I look ridiculously enthusiastic compared to everyone else shaking their ligaments. What is it with me looking so serious and keen?


During our third and final show, I was almost asleep. I also realised I was rather hungry. After saying our goodbyes, we went for dinner.



I returned back to the hotel and went swimming. I swam 4 lengths and spent 20 minutes in the sauna – great exercise.

Now I am eating a pomelo.

Happy half term everybody. Tomorrow I’m flying to Atlanta! Back to school studying. 😦


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