Image: “So… you’re visiting your husband, Ma’am?”

Passport Control Man, do I really look like a married woman?! This is absurd, I’m sixteen and you’re even looking at my passport and my finger also bears no ring.

I had a very embarrassing moment during the security check/scan when my bag had to be searched. I forgot that my Mum had wrapped up a boiled egg for me from the breakfast that day. A chicken egg in security… How humiliating! I’m actually surprised they let me keep it.

Hovering above is a photo I took of Paddington Station’s new taxi rank, opened earlier that day all shiny and new. The driver who took me there was even more surprised than me – he didn’t have a clue about it. Since I made my own way to the airport I was a bit confused about where to go but eventually I got into the station.

I love Heathrow Terminal 5. When travelling on my own, nobody can watch over the belongings for me so I feel rather clumsy carrying all my hand luggage – violin, coat, bag – into the duty free shops. I’m always scared I’ll knock over a £100 perfume. Plus, my violin case squeaks.

Going to challenge my body clock now… But before that, here is some footage from the weekend just gone! Only five movements out of thirteen but enough to share with friends.


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