Yo, American Kidz!

I have just returned from a day of pure enlightenment. I heard a variety of true stories from amusing conversations with friends: abnormal animal interactions with humans; bizarre contests in rural villages of China; a government which deals drugs on a particular day; a monkey protection squad with monkey hats; and I witnessed American school and college life.

What a contrast it was to have ventured out for the entire day. I’m so grateful to have vibrant company on this side of the Atlantic Ocean. I’ve learnt more about American life than I will ever read in books – reading makes me sleepy anyway and I end up napping for longer than I have read – or on the internet at my desk.

My friend arranged the whole day for me. He does it every time I visit and the guilt beats me up every time. I’ll nickname him King Kong for now. Every question I present to him:

“What’s a mormon?”

“What’s a fraternity?”

“Is that a kid driving that truck?”

…he answers to my satisfaction. All his friends are lovely, lovely people.

The first question came about  when I saw a billboard advert with photos of normal people smiling with the captions underneath: “I’m a mormon.”

The second was asked during our drive round his university, Georgia Tech Campus – we were picking up his friend – and I noticed  there were numerous clubhouses with different combinations of the Greek alphabet as names? ΦΣδΨΞ. . . King Kong started telling me about the ways of American College student life – fraternities, sororities, etc. etc.

He makes me laugh.

The last question came out my mouth when we finished watching the movie, Chronicle. I enjoyed it very much – I don’t care what people say about superhuman-power movies, I thought it was cool!

Hmmmm that car feels good inside my hand.

During the stroll around the surrounding area to get to our destination – the pizza place –  I noticed a huge, shiny, white car-truck thing. Expensive looking. I saw conversation between girls and boys probably no older or younger than me. Girls with hair tightly pulled back, both with a big, green-white striped bow fastened in place; boys with loose fitting soccer/football/basketball kit on leaning against the car.


Like this... kind of.

Me = instantly curious and wishing I could take photos with my eyes. I very rarely see this sort of American life. There is a high school beside my neighbourhood but I don’t think they’d appreciate my disturbing and obnoxious spying. It’s interesting for me to compare it with the generation you see on television and what you experience in another country.

The girls I assumed were cheerleaders; the boys as sport lovers. One boy was at the steering wheel of the monster car. I review what I just typed out to be typically stereotypical, but that is what I truly saw!

Moreover, I don’t know what I’d do if I were a young man in this country because I’d cower away from anybody trying to say hello to me. I’m pretty sure everyone has seen the way guys greet each other here? It’s like a strong ape like embrace (don’t laugh at my descriptions, please!) which I couldn’t ever imagine myself doing. Lads in Britain don’t tend to do that.


I was just about to go sleep after I published this, but I just receive the course e-mailing for  NYO Easter course! I love new things. And opening things – such as the new pack of coloured pens which I bought today:

OMGZ colourz.


2 thoughts on “Yo, American Kidz!

  1. Nicely put. The USA is a bit weird -and exciting too – for us Brits. You think it all looks familiar, from films, TV and novels and then you see something that gives you a jolt. So what was the interaction between animals and humans all about? Are American animals weird too?

    • Apparently during the 70’s there was a strange experiment to see if dolphins could develop human speech. That is all I attempt to say on this issue!


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