Image: School rules have reached a new low today

At school, we have whiteboards on the doors of our rooms, where boarding house staff can comment on the tidiness of our abodes. If you don’t keep tidy, you can get grounded and perhaps get given the duty to ring the morning bell to wake everyone up.

Recently, I had to take down all the photos stuck with blu-tac to the walls  and the mirrors and the doors – I understood and complied with it because blu-tac can ‘rip’ the walls off. It took me a while before I could really have the mindset to peel off my revision notes/photographs, so I’ve been given bell-duty for Wednesday.

(But seriously, how does blu-tac affect the door or the mirror?!)

Then, this morning, a new message was written for us:


Until a few weeks ago, this photography exhibition poster was in fact beside my bed, stuck to the wall close to my head.


Upon hearing the fire alarm, I can visualize my roommate and I, panicking because we can’t get to the door. That perilous poster! What will we do?!  There’s no way out the door!


I don’t understand how my intense poster can be more of a threat than the heavily loaded shelves beside it.

Oh well. The rules are rules. I will take the poster down tomorrow morning.


One thought on “Image: School rules have reached a new low today

  1. Blu-tac leaves a greasy trace that’s a nuisance when it comes to redecorating! But I also fear for the future of the poster industry if this idea catches on amongst those responsible for the accommodating teenagers and students. Soon, no more girls in white tennis dresses adjusting their non-existent underpinnings in an appealing fashion, thus:-

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