RNCM Strings Weekend

 I have returned from an inspiring weekend in Manchester. Lots of workshops, recitals and masterclasses all about String instruments. This was how I appeared in the Strings Weekend Programme today:

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No, no, no… I do not play the viola!

I didn’t play my best – mustn’t dwell on the irreversible past – but I really enjoyed performing and hearing the teacher’s advice. Seriously blown away by his playing… He did a recording of the concerto a few years ago – a bad sign for me!

Sometimes when he was demonstrating I didn’t really know where to look because his face was so immersed into the music. It almost scared me, in a good way of course.

Other lovely things:

  • I met up with old friends.
  • I had a look around the showcase of bowed stringed instruments (of contemporary makers) and tried a few of them.
  • I had another amazing violin lesson with another teacher.
  • I took a risk which I slightly regret doing: I borrowed a brand new amazing expensive bow to play with in the masterclass which increased my anxiety even more! I blame that for making me play bad.
I finished the day by sitting in on a String Ensemble rehearsal. Beautiful playing.
The weekend came to a close and took the train after 6pm. The journey was enjoyable towards the second half because I was kept awake by talking to some friends. (I feel like a zombie right now though…)
I kept myself occupied by doing some puzzles at the back of the paper. I only managed to attempt two. See how I struggle with my goofy scribbles.

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This was the horrible moment when I realised that all the words I was instructed to find had to include the letter: T. It was upsetting having to cross out about 50% of the words I had found.

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(Don’t look the the bottom right corner – I know I am awful at these.)

This Thursday we’re going to Manchester again but with my whole year group. It’s for a specific Open Day. I wonder what is planned for then? I love the atmosphere at the Royal Northern College of Music.

Another week of school tomorrow with a truck load of rehearsals.

I only realised it was Mothers’ Day at around 2pm today. Happy Mothers’ Day! Even my mother forgot about it…


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