Baby Steps in the Ballroom

I have decided during this Spring/Summer term, to pause my belly-dancing lessons for the time being and try another class. Beginners’ Ballroom Dancing on Monday evenings!

To make this post little livelier and more of a multi-task, I’m going to slot in photos taken in  the past half-month or so, which I never got round to posting.




Durham – note the lack of clouds.


NYO – colourful sheets to write on.

I invited my friend to be my partner after I noticed his gradual mental ‘collapsing’, caused by being in an uncomfortable environment such as school. I had the urge to do it ever since I began to do belly-dancing; I would finish the latter and have at least 5 minutes to observe the Advanced Ballroom class in an adjacent studio.


NYO in Durham


Djeikub + Granny

As we expected, we were the youngest ones there in the Beginners’ Class, both of us 16. Also, we gathered that every pair around us were ‘real’ couples, i.e. boy/girlfriend or married. Certainly the odd ones out. I was in the state of constant grinning – nerves, excitement, freedom from school? – before and after the class.


Blind people + ice-creams


Easter Egg Hunt

We learnt the beginnings of two dances: waltz and cha-cha-cha. My friend being about 6 foot tall, has the long lean legs. I am 5 foot 4 ” ish with not so long legs. Even in our first class, I was nagging already, constantly telling him to keep is arm up to support mine, reminding him that he needed to step smaller in order to accommodate my short-ness.


London – Three quarters of the Scottish minority in NYO


I wasn’t nasty! I have never had a ballroom dancing experience before, but generally, even at a beginners’ stage, one is able to notice how or why they don’t look the same as the teacher. My friend and I made an agreement to try a practise 15 minutes of it every day, on top of everything else going on in school.



Violins backstage.

It is the time to choose subjects for next years exams. (My form is late, surprise surprise.)

It is both a fortunate and an unfortunate period, where people get to drop subjects during which they have just about cried their way through all year and make difficult – in my case – choices to pursuing deeper study in other subjects.

Even though I pretty much know what I want keep in my timetable, I think I’m going to take the next ‘cool’ step and review what’s been going on. See this as an opportunity to criticize what on earth I’m writing about or as a source of honest opinion.

  • Maths
Was brain dead in class half the time.
Was too slow and most likely irritated teacher by slowness.
Mind was on auto-pilot too often, never properly absorbing information.
Hmm, don’t like the classroom. Bad lighting, cold during winter. (Smells as well.)
However, the most stimulating subject to revise because you feel like Einstein when everything makes sense.
No point to learning it if I’m not going to go on to study Sciences. Don’t have patience.
Me on one occasion, “WHY IS IT CALLED A UNIT VECTOR?!”


  • English
By far the most tiring exam to do.
By far the most infuriating when in class, because of shouting and arguing:
Hard to revise.
Despised quotation exercises.
Useful for me.
Enjoyed writing, even if it was on an annoying poem.

Post-concert snacking

  • French
Adore the teachers.
Always being pushed.
New/spontaneous – always figuring out meaning of phrases
Useful for travelling/work.


  • Chemistry
Very fascinating but regret taking it
Too much basic factual learning
Good teacher
Always behind on exam courses (exam is 3 weeks away and we haven’t finished)
Just got doughballs from roomie. Gonna eat them now. Bye.

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