Me, teaching PIANO?

I am proud to declare that I am to begin teaching piano to my first ever pupil! The girl has been playing violin for a year and now she wants to start piano as well.

Just thinking about it makes me eager to share what I’ve learned in my years in music schooling. I was incredibly happy when I started piano (aged 5) and violin a year later. I wasn’t worried. I wasn’t exposed to discouraging material (i.e. YouTube). I remember gold star stickers and drawings and yoga breathing – my first teacher was amazing. I hope I will make a good impression on my pupil’s life as well. Nothing is worse than an unpleasant introduction.

I’m determined to be imaginative, wonderful and encouraging. I’m going to draw in her notebook; colouring pens all over; employ singing into her piano playing; speak in silly voices. Theatre, drama, entertainment, that’s what you need.

Teacher YeYe…
Oh goodness, I feel old. Maybe it’s right that my 17th birthday is in 12 days.

Expect some words on my first teaching experiences. I’m sure I’ll have many interesting things to say.


3 thoughts on “Me, teaching PIANO?

    • Seventeen feels old but I don’t feel old. I remember looking at the big seventeen/eighteen year old students and marvelled at their performances…

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