Gallery: Monday July 2nd 2012

An extract from a diary entry dated 16/07/2006.

“Dear Diary,

. . .I bumped into a lampost and had a little cut on my thumb. When we arrived home, Chelsea was here. She was wearing a swimming cozzie and was ride her bike too. She was really annoying and kept us back from going home. I don’t even think she knows she’s fat. Bubi! xxx YeYe”

Was I really that nasty at a not-so-young-age of eleven?! If I ever spoke these thoughts outloud, I dread to think of how I made other people feel. When I read this entry to my mother earlier this afternoon, it received a positive respone, i.e. her laughing at my post-childish innocence. I laughed too. What was I trying to gain from saying that? Annoying behaviour = girl with a body not yet rid of its puppy fat, perhaps? By trying to convey the psychology of this writing, I can summarize this: what made her ‘dumb’ was the obliviousness of her own figure, which I could put against her, because she was annoying me.

As for the farewell I bade to my diary “Bubi”, I think this was derived from the pointless use of the application that everyone used before Facebook – MSN Messenger. I think I could compile a glossary of all the shortened forms of the words I previously used to talk, to the zillions of faceless friends I had acquired over time, about my really interesting life . It’s acceptable to write them in a text message or an instant message online, but I used them in proper pen to paper writing.

Apart from discovering this, I’ve had a very simple day:


NYO Summer Course Music


This is only a tiny excerpt of the symphony. I’m terrified to venture past the first couple of pages!



I made breakfast.



Educational reading.

I have just read the first couple of pages in the Linguistics: A Very Short Introduction and state confidently that my understanding is above 50%. Around 51%.


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