What not to do in the first piano lesson…

Don’t get off the right train!

So, the journey to my first piano teaching experience began with me being an absolute nonsensical human being. I had doubts on whether the 13:26 train I had stepped onto actually stopped where I was needing to go. The revolving yellow text on the roof of the trains did not show the station; there wasn’t a ticket inspector anywhere so I got off at the next station.

…only to learn from the guard that I was in fact on the appropriate line. How foolish of me! The next train was at 14:30! Better to suffer now than when I’m at an age of further reliability. I phoned the pupil’s mother to apologise – she just laughed and said it was okay! What a sweetie. I’m so glad she wasn’t annoyed.

Is it my fault that I was overly unsure? Or the train’s fault for not displaying the destination?

As for the actual lesson, I think I got a bit carried away. Time goes by quicker than I would have ever imagined! The substantial lesson of 45mins became an hour and a half, which made me miss my train and about 2 buses which could have taken me home.

The overtime had a positive outcome: I got to know the pupil’s ability in more detail. Chatting to the parents was fun as well. Oh, I loved it.
It can be revealed that the pupil is a she and she really reminds me of myself, a decade ago, but a more sensible girl than the meanie I was.

At first I was rather hesitant and unsure in the way I was speaking to her. I had to lead the lesson and I’m not used to being in that position – I’m normally the pupil! At times, words couldn’t even be formed. I appreciate how challenging it is to say things in the most appropriate way; my teachers have even more of my respect after I learned of this today.

Off to Cambridge on Thursday for the University Open Day! Can’t wait. Goodnight internet dwellers.


2 thoughts on “What not to do in the first piano lesson…

  1. Many’s the wrong train I’ve boarded, at all ages, together with right trains that I then decide are wrong ‘uns. It’s part of life…All this life-experience you’r’e clocking up here, one way or another! It’s a pleasure to read.

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