The Noggin grows wiser after another year.

‘My day’ has already passed (11th July). I am sitting here, extremely sleepy but blissfully dreamy after a lovely evening.


Most yummiest browniest brownie ever.

I am officially seventeen years old, old, old. I can feel this growth within me somewhat. For example, my limbs feel thicker, chunkier, broader; and I’m not particularly bothered about it – though (sadly) some of my favourite clothes have to be given to charity now.


Diary entry from my birthday in 2005 – very amusing – written whilst I was visiting family in Bei Jing.

My friend, Riggy, and I had a classy dinner at the Missoni Hotel. Something new to do and something a bit different from Pizza Express, for instance. The restaurant ‘Cucina’ was quite calm: because it’s a weekday, perhaps. The venue is a stunning place, with all the staff wearing jazzy Missoni designs; either as waistcoats or kilts. Riggy and I were both wearing dresses our mothers used to own – how antique! My one was black with a daisy print and hers a black one with golden leaves on it.


Riggy and her pigeon.

At the start we were given a basket with a variety of breads. Average, crispy, thin, brown, pancake-like.


Really keen to eat my swordfish.




Desert: some sort of fruity ‘soup’, strawberry sorbet and slices and strawberry.

Me: Do you want to share a pudding?
Riggy: No…. Not really….


Funny little pudding – choclate fondant & pistachio ice-cream.


Afterwards, we went downstairs and had a sit by the bar/lounge area and had a few drinks.


(I’m not sure if one can notice that I took these photos with a different camera. I can’t find my powerful little Nikon Coolpix at the moment so I used my mother’s this evening. In my opinion, it isn’t as great. Plus, I know my own wee one much better.)


Purple, sparkly toilets.

Riggy’s Dad picked us up and suggested something different to do: feeding the swans in the middle of the night (10.45-11.00pm)!

He bought 4 massive rolls from a nearby chippy – blatantly for chip butties – we drove to the said area.

Because of rain flooding the whole United Kingdom in the most recent news, there wasn’t really a ‘bank’ to create a barrier between us and the swans.

Alas, we fed the creatures. The moment we walked towards the water, they paddled towards us. Our feeding frenzy was extremely hurried. You would have thought this sort of activity would be romantic, peaceful, idyllic even. But no! It was like the zombies emerging from the depths of the water, the dead heading for our flesh, and our arms fired out the bits of bread like ammo. Swans are vicious creatures.


Romantic date’s worst nightmare.

I received lovely gifts, some of which are displayed below:


From Riggy. So beautiful!


Masterchef chocolate for grating, creating and decorating purposes. I just want to gnaw it to be quite honest. Like a mouse.

Other news to spread is the fact that I am going to play a solo in one of the pieces in the NYO repertoire! It’s only two lines long, but I’m so happy nonetheless. The composer is Nico Muhly. I’ll write more about it a little later.

Oh my I am tired. Tomorrow I’m teaching my little pupil again, so I ought to be sleeping now! A massive thank you to all the sweet messages, emails, texts, Facebook posts. They definitely contributed to a splendid birthday.


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