My new best friend: the Photo Scanner

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May I introduce you to my new best friend: our HP Printer Copier Scanner. In the last few days it has been the most frequently used piece of technology by me in the house. Isn’t it handsome? I’ll give it a name. Harry Potter, for the sake of the initials.

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Why is it my new best friend? Well, I have only just recognised its talents – and it’s been sitting around for a very long time. Harry does a lot for me but what I love most of all, is when he scans stuff for me. Pictures, collages, sketches, anything. I can’t stop scanning! It’s incredible seeing handwritten pieces on a computer screen in perfect condition. I’m meant to be growing up, yet I’ve found a new toy.

This was done a few months back. It was in my ‘Scribbling with Strangers’ post:
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I still feel that handmade or handwritten works are regrettably forgotten about and taken for granted. Scans or computer files don’t feel safe to rely on. They’re just pixels on a screen which can be erased by people at a wronged click from the mouse. Even if I had more than one copy of a photo saved onto multiple storage devices, that, to me, does not guarantee its existence.

Hm, I’ll pause this ‘deep’ thinking momentarily, even if it is mild. I don’t think I can stand myself getting into this farcical frame of mind!

An old birthday collage.
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And something recently created. Words, ink, paper – human.
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I have another announcement to make.

I don’t think I can really hide this girl’s name any longer, seeing as she has already started up her own blog! My friend, who I have nicknamed Riggy in all the posts she has been part of, is now the writer behind Riyoko for Ecuador!

Riyoko and I are old pals. Not sisters, as we have often been mistaken to be. We are old music buddies, grannies, screaming brats (mainly me).

Below is a photo of us from a newspaper in 2005 playing a piano duet in preparation for a performance in the Hub Edinburgh – I was 10, she was 11.
It is a scan from Harry, if you hadn’t noticed.

I’m on the left, playing the higher parts which is something she used to get annoyed about (poor wee thing), and Riyoko is on the right.
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We performed the second Spanish Dance out of the twelve, by Moritz Moszkowski. Here’s a YouTube video (not us!):

Riyoko is embarking on a grand journey to Ecuador to do community work, a three month stay which is part of her gap year! She’s already on her way to raising the funds for the trip, but please, please pay a visit to her blog, read her posts and support her of you can! She is worth every penny, I can assure you.

Riyoko for Ecuador!

Visit, or else I will pull the bedcovers off you really early in the morning – if I can get up that is…


(NYO Summer Course in 5 days!)


4 thoughts on “My new best friend: the Photo Scanner

  1. I love this! It makes me so nostalgic seeing us as 10 year olds. And I may have to steal the photo of us at the Hub!

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