National Youth Orchestra – summer course – 6 hour train journey

Currently on the way to Birmingham for the final NYO course for this season! Then it’s over. I don’t want it to be over. I don’t want to go because then it’ll be gone and I can’t look forward to it anymore.

I’m trying to keep myself occupied i.e. find something interesting to blog about. There isn’t much to photograph – I’ve only my food and earrings.


Here’s a fact: it takes 4 hours 10 minutes to get to London from Scotland; it takes about 6 hours to get to Birmingham. At least Birmingham looks worth the wait: the weather!


The train passed by Newcastle a short while ago, where boarded a handful of passengers who have completely redefined the concept of a quiet coach – chatting, chatting, chatting. This lot includes a pair of men, an American young man and his English equivalent, talking about how far away their destination is:

“Why is it so farrrrr?”

… And complaining about the tacky coffee they bought.

“This is honestly the worst coffee I’ve ever had.”

And about mistresses in Newcastle…

“I phoned them up… They said this is an escort service. . .”

Me: what…

“When have you booked that woman? . . Have you seen photos of her? . . . [looking at iPhone] Video footage, yes.”


“… and when’s she’s sittin’ on top of ya, naked…”

This is very new. Open talk about prostitutes? Wow.

I’m not actually bothered. Quite the contrary. I love eavesdropping.

As per usual, my mum has me well stocked up. The bag contains:

  • Prawn salad
  • lychees
  • baby tomatoes
  • two slices of chocolate cake
  • bottle of juice
  • tub of nuts
  • a Sharon fruit
  • an orange
  • a fruit Winder
  • 20120722-103119.jpg

    And plus, these adorable bananas! I feel like such a kiddie:

    Can’t wait to get off this train. Three hours, fifty minutes to go! I better get eating, then.


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