Edinburgh to New York to Atlanta


With damp hair and the lightest luggage I have ever had by my side, I leave at 09:25am for America.


My stay is over two weeks long yet my luggage is lighter than the suitcase I took to NYO. I spent longer worrying about the very basic items I included than I did on anything else!

Dinner for one.

For the last two days I’ve been home alone, something which I was looking forward to; time for myself etc. Yes, I indulged in the freedom of having a completely unscheduled day. It was wonderful. On the first day I woke at 12:45pm.

Then, after about two hours, I got insanely bored and felt a little depressed (not diagnosed or dangerous). Nothing had happened to me in those hours and I didn’t like that.

On the second day, I shopped for groceries in the local Waitrose. There was an retired lady in the checkout queue in front of me. She began fumbling around her purse and it appeared, to her disappointment, that she had forgotten to take the two £20 notes on the bedroom table. The total bill was £19.06 – poor wee lady. I decided to be a kind, responsible citizen for the first time and offered to pay for her purchases. She asked for my address (I said she didn’t have to send the money back!) so that she could send me a postcard. Aw…

Aberdeen Chamber Music Course

On another note: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! To my blog of course. I wrote my first post a year ago today – 14th August 2012. I’m not quite sure how I’m going to celebrate. The other passengers on the plane wouldn’t really want to party with me in the cabin. I think I’ll make a short video with iPhone clips I’ve taken throughout the year. Apologies to my friends in advance.

Thank you to everyone who has been reading or even acknowledging I have a blog! It means a lot to hear someone interested to know the name of it and nothing is more wonderful than knowing somebody likes what I write. All the comments, followers and Likes (Facebook and WordPress) – much appreciated!

I’m scared to read what I wrote a year ago…

Goodbye Edinburgh! Hello USA.


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