Audition + Head Bangin’

Today I had my NYO audition in the Purcell Room, Queen Elizabeth Hall. I think I would give myself 6/10 for the performance I did? The panel seemed content and my sound definitely benefitted from my being upon proper stage. I felt more at ease in this performance space than the old house where many of the other auditions take place. The panel were in the shadows. The pianist and I were alone in the spotlights.

I had been looking forward to it.
I really enjoyed it.
I am glad it’s over.
Now it’s out of my mind…

What a lovely two days in London. Only a few photos from yesterday.

Parliament Square
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Royal High Court of Justice
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Covent Garden in the background.Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Mum and I were standing under a tree by Leicester Square waiting to meet a friend. I took this while we stood back to back.Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

My violin teacher performed in a terrific concert last night with the London Chamber Orchestra in St John’s Smith Square.


  • Schubert ‘Unfinished’
  • Beethoven Piano Concerto #4
  • and Beethoven Fifth Symphony.

Loved every second! Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
Before last night, I had never known about the orchestra or the performance venue. The building was hidden away among some fine looking architecture and was only a few steps from Westminster. The evening was mild and I looked relatively shabby in my wrinkly trousers, outer layers and boots compared to the rest of the audience.

Things which stood out for me in the orchestra:

  • Violins.
  • Double basses – the acoustic was very generous to their sound properties and I felt like I was in the underworld.
  • The timpanist. His playing reminded me of Tom, the cat from Tom & Jerry. Can’t explain it!

I noticed a number of head bangers in the rows in front of me. Oh, how they rocked to the music! All through the piano concerto, a gentleman seated diagonally to the right from me was waving his head to the beautiful melodies, eyes shut. After the interval we heard the Beethoven Symphony and there was a woman swivelling and shaking her head with great flavour (that is phrase I’ve only ever heard said in Chinese) and majestic poise, as if she were mimicking the conductor. It’s great! I would encourage more head banging and, if traditions allowed it, maybe some fists and lighters held above our heads to further electrify the atmosphere?

My mum commented on the heads that obstructed her view:

So many people moving about! Quite distracting really.

I said: Why not? People do it in rock concerts? They just love it too much!

For a few minutes, it’s fine. But for forty minutes of the symphony!

Then, she almost hit a student in the face with her hair. Her hair was clasped with a claw-clip thing – what on earth are they called?

Better get to sleep. Tomorrow we are visiting Oxford. My feet need to be prepared for the walking. Goodnight!


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