The School Week: a quotation, some photos and some profound words.

To begin this summary of the week, I quote from a piece in The Spectator, written by Conrad Black:

“…the London media are the lowest mutation of human life I have encountered…”

I’m not sure why it has stuck in my mind because it really doesn’t reflect how this week has unfolded! Maybe it lingered because it made me smile a bit.
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I finally felt I was making a start on my English dissertation: I am writing! It may not make sense but I am too afraid to look over it right now. Do I really know where I am going with this 4000 word piece? No. In comparison to the rest of the class I get the impression I am very behind; and it’s only 4000 words… a meagre quantity in the wider context of further education (a girl who is studying at Cambridge told me she wrote 18,000 words in a week). 

Something sweet I spotted en route to a rehearsal:
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Hey, look. It’s like my name, but not:
Photobucket Pictures, Images and PhotosTwo people have made the connection between the new mobile phone network and the pronunciation of my name: my roommate and my violin teacher. I don’t really know how to respond to these sorts of things. Ha yeah, ain’t my name so clever, yeah! . . . No, not like that. 

I finished my favorite perfume (sad face):
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I lunched with Riyoko to celebrate her birthday! 
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We had Indian, and as you can see, the garlic naan bread was larger than her torso. The restaurant was very close to school so the headmistress and receptionist both walked past the windows during the lunch break and recognised our faces. Riyoko after seeing one of them, said:

“Oh God, I thought she was a devil…!”

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Riyoko was very excited to show me her new shoes. I can see why; they are extremely cool. I think she’s excited in general, I mean she did raise £4200 to go to Ecuador and explore another continent.

This morning, I took a junior music aural class with another senior pupil. We take the class twice a week and we aim teach them a variety of aural concepts, but quite often we end up talking to them about general things. Their ages range from 10-12. On this occasion we were discussing the standards of the aural they were being taught and the class system we use in the school. The ‘leader’ of the conversation (I dislike using this term but can’t find an alternative) was expressing his frustration as the oldest member of this group at the way aural was structured. And suddenly, unexpectedly, he began a profound spiel:

“The problem with it is that our class has a mixed range of abilities. When I came three years ago all this stuff was hard, and now it’s really easy. And it means that next year it will suddenly become really hard; then after time it’ll be easy. 
It’s like the US Election right now with Obama and Romney: three years it’s really hard, three years really easy.”

What did he mean? I think he was referring to presidential terms or something.

His personality is difficult to illustrate through this extensive quotation. He is a very intelligent boy but, due to being so bright, he gets bored very easily and is a big disruption and distraction in a classroom environment (including aural: I’ve sent him out the room before). So when he came out with this, it was a pleasant surprise.

I’m off for now – goodnight – bon soir – etc. 


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