Give yourself a round of a claws – NYO Day 1

Here’s a quick post from a sleepYe-Ye. (Ah, see what I did there…?)

Things to cover, GO! 

  1. Sectionals
  2. Full rehearsal
  3. Anything else.

I adore our second violin section! I placed on each of their music stands a giant chocolate coin to share between their pairs; I hope they feel welcome and loved. Djeikub is being a wonderful principal if I may add. Tomorrow for Section Night, he’s arranged for us to do cake-decorating – how innovative an idea is that?! I’ll see what I can record and share it on here as well as on the NYO blog.

My head is pounding from concentrating during rehearsals. I have to look at the conductor, Djeikub, the front desks of the other strings, to listen, to make sure I’m reading the right bars of the music, to play with good intonation, rhythm and ensemble. And I must turn pages! The size of the orchestra and level of noise are also factors of my sore head. Moving away from all my moaning, I had such a thrilling time playing The Planets. According to a few people, I played the first few notes very loudly – too much for a section of 20 violinists – when we (yes, the second violins!) opened Jupiter for the first time. How embarrassing!

Afterwards, I had yet to be given a break from concentrating because I went to a number of meetings, during which I listened to every single word that was being said. Then, I went to practise solo Bach and Beethoven chamber music to the delights of the neighbouring members in each of the bedrooms. Great story of my evening.

So far, there are no decent photographs for me to post, but tomorrow a professional photographer is coming to snap some of the orchestra and various groups. Here’s an expensive hanger I found in my room:

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

Goodnight, and like our tutor said, give yourself a round of a claws for getting through the first day. Pretend your hands are crabs’ claws and clamp them continuously as you draw a circle in the air. It’s a calmer alternative to clapping.


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