NYO Day 4 – New Year’s Eve and all that.

Happy New Year! I’m sure everyone celebrated marvellously. At NYO we had a Fancy Dress party, a change from the traditional Ceilidh on New Year’s Eve.

The theme of the fancy dress was, aptly, N Y O; you had to pick something which began with those letters, either as a single act, your friends or with your section. The Second Violins transformed themselves into Nerds. We pulled it off rather well I think! All you need, as a girl, is messy hair (easily done, as it’s always like that), big glasses (3D movies), bow ties, braces, freckles, a bizarre walk (easily done) etc. Later I put my hair in bunches.



Some people went Neon, like the composers! Photobucket

And some people changed completely, like this bassist in a Yoda outfit. I was far too amused when they played in the chamber music concert…Photobucket


St. Nicholas – Santa:


The Flute section won the ‘Best Dressed Section’, as OAPs:
Watching them dance was the delight of the evening.

Violin principals, hey. Djeikub’s looking rather Nerdy, isn’t he. Photobucket

The Leader + Newspaper girls, my definite favourite photo of the evening:

During the course of the evening, I somehow managed to obtain a wig…


PhotobucketAnd that’s it really. An evening of cheesy pop songs and violent balloon popping games. The game involved tying a balloon to your ankle, protecting it from being stamped by murderous feet and destroying other people’s balloons at the same time. It was on the verge of being vicious and disturbing; everyone was hopping around like limping chickens and kicking each other.


We had the longest ever rehearsal today. . . about three hours of intensive counting and scratching away on the instrument. What a relief to be back in my room. Tomorrow, our conductor John Wilson arrives! Woo!


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