January 7th 2013 – Going back to reality.

My winter holiday has sadly come to an end and I’m on my way back to school.
Can you believe that I was performing in the Barbican concert hall 24 hours ago?

(Bye London Kings Cross)
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Take me back now please. I already miss everything about NYO; even the rain in Oxford and the painful 07:30am get ups after a days of intensive rehearsals are things I am sad to leave behind. I’m experiencing ‘blues’ and fatigue from the course. I can hardly keep my eyes open as I’m typing this up! I’m writing as if I’m leaving it forever but not to fear, there are two more courses to come. I only wish for the days to fly by!

It felt different this year compared to 2012 – a big part of it came from where I am sitting, having direct communication with the conductor and the other string sections. The love (yes, this is how cheesy I am willing to go) between the ensemble, the conductor and the repertoire was particularly strong. Everyone member I spoke to felt some form of respect and admiration for John Wilson; and the conductor in return told us how much he looked up to us, how he stayed awake at night just thinking about what NYO was doing for music.

After the 2012 year of breaking musical boundaries I can imagine some members feeling relieved to return to playing ‘classic’ symphonic works such as the Planets. I can say for certain that my hair was flying around during both performances and that Djeikub and I were the best desk that NYO ever paired together. Look what I found on this review:

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The final concert in London was spectacular. Before the concert, I said to Djeikub, I am nervous! Ah! I managed to maintain my concentration; when I heard any other ‘self’ speaking in my head I tried to focus on tiny little things on stage, like John Wilson’s tie (pastel blue & pink).

Just as the music came to a close for the final time, right in the silence,
and before the applause began to fill the hall, John Wilson blew us a kiss. I am certain everyone saw it – and I couldn’t help but smile.

I’d like to take this blog post opportunity to thank everyone at NYO for all their loveliness, support and for promoting my wee blog because during the course, my views shot up like crazy!
I woke up one morning to find 450 in one day because NYO had linked it to their Twitter and their blog. After the Barbican show, one of the parents even went out their way to ask if I was the one who wrote the posts. Truly lovely!

Everywhere I’ve been, the wireless has been a let down, which means I can’t share any lovely concert photos on here and that Facebook friends are probably bursting with impatience, waiting to be tagged in the images. Sorry, I will do it as soon as I can! Meanwhile, have some standard London photos which I took this afternoon:

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This morning at 10:30am, I had a consultation lesson with a violin professor, a meeting that I was both dreading and looking forward to. First of all, after a long week of constant orchestral playing my technique had gone awry. Secondly, I had barely learned the notes to as piece I was planning to play to him. Thirdly, I was told that he was very scary and picky on technique. And lastly, I was tired.
I was encouraged to make the most of my brief stay in London and arrange a lesson, so yes, it went ahead.
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(Elegant wine glass!)

The lesson felt like a success and I am glad that at least one professor in London knows who I am and is willing to teach me!
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I’m straight back to school this evening for quartet rehearsals. This week we have performances in the department store John Lewis (something for Scottish Parliament I think? I look forward to our goody bags and i hope they contain something more imaginative than a pencil) and at the Royal Northern College of Music (RNCM) in Manchester, as part of their Beethoven festival. How I am going to finish my coursework this term, I haven’t a clue.
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Photos later. Possibly much later by the look of my diary. John Wilson literally burnt a hole in his hand from his baton – just thought I’d finish this long post with that fact.

(I miss you all!)


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