January 25th 2013 – Robert Burns’ Night – Patriotic

Happy Burns’ Day! Today is the birthday of our celebrated Scottish poet, Robert Burns.
Last night, we had a lovely Burns’ Supper at school.

Mini and I decided that the dining room would be fine with just one St Andrews Cross flag; the other two acted well as dresses:
 photo DSCN3340_zps6e23a3f5.jpg

We are excited for our Scotch Broth. Tartan Ninja raising her eyebrow at me.

 photo DSCN3342_zpsd24ce890.jpg

 photo DSCN3343_zps5b689403.jpg

There was the entrance of the Haggis and then the Address to the Haggis, where the Burns’ poem is recited before slicing the beast open with a kitchen knife.
 photo DSCN3347_zpscf87c34b.jpg

 photo DSCN3351_zps3c1434ac.jpg

Something I was looking forward to: Toast to the Lassies. This is an opportunity for the boys to say lovely things about us, humorous things. I have never laughed so much in my life.

 photo DSCN3353_zpsdcf7291d.jpg

They projected cleverly photoshopped images onto the wall: our faces onto various politicians’ faces, TV characters, or film characters; when they came to speak about me, they made a parody of my blog. Much to the delight of the people in the room, projected onto the wall for all to see, including the Heads of School. A few people believed this to be a genuine post. Oh dear:

In addition, they said that:

her cautionary tale has become so ubiquitous with modern technology that an internet service provider recently adopted her name.

And now the teachers think I am an internet addict. . .

In more positive news, photos from the NYO Winter Course have now been released! I’m not sure how to share them on here, other than saving and downloading each file, which frankly I can’t find time to do. They’ll pop up some day on some website. . . I’ll leave it for now. (Unless anyone would really like to see them?)


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