A very intensive Valentine’s Day

I survived! I have had my 3 dates!

My three dates weren’t as scary as I pictured in my silly noggin. Each lasted only an hour long yet the ideas and knowledge that filled that time is probably enough to help me for a good number of months. They were also three extremely contrasting hours in style and atmosphere; I believe I chose well from the faculty’s wide selection (despite that one of them charged me ‘unfairly’).
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My lessons with professors X, Y and Z were literally back-to-back, with no opportunity for breaks. This marathon began at 14:30 with Prof X; I ran down two flights of stairs for Prof Y at 15:30, whose room had a magnificent view; and I finished with a lesson with Prof Z at 16:45 in a very dark and blue-hued room.

There was regrettably no time to make notes after each lesson; sitting here trying to summarise them now in my notebook (on the train home) is worryingly difficult and I hope the slight merging of the three ‘voices’ will dissipate as soon as possible. Having them compacted like this was also very useful since I could instantly compare my experiences and have a gut reaction to the which ones I enjoyed the most.

Good lord… The hair! You can tell what sort of sleep I had and when I got up this morning.
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I feel cruel to put one over the other, for any of these ‘gurus’ of violin and music making would greatly help my development without a doubt. People say the best teacher is the one you instantly ‘click’ with; by following that rule I think Prof Y did the trick for me, followed microscopically closely by Prof Z. All three were very kind and friendly to me; but Prof Y did tell me that he/she can be scary, which is what other people had mentioned as well. What I felt ‘worked’ between us was… Well, I can’t really say! That’s something I’ll keep to myself.

And I just wanted to declare: I can deal with scary. My short life has consisted of many scary moments and people! But of course I didn’t.

Prof Z hardly played and spent most of the lesson conjuring the most imaginative and unique ideas about Bach and Prokofiev. I wish wish wish I could have filmed it – what a character.

What was peculiar was the contrast between the intensity of a lesson and the brevity of each goodbye. They communicated their ideas with such passion and yet when I left the room I really couldn’t tell if they wanted to teach me, if they liked me or if they thought I was a hopeless case. In the end, they have seen hundreds of young musicians throughout their lifetime and I was probably just like another ‘appointment’ in their diaries; they will decide whether the relationship will continue. All I am left with is a:

Keep in touch! Good luck!

It was fine Valentine’s Day indeed and the experience has changed my life and my hopes for the future. The feedback I received (from the one who gave some back to me) was surprisingly positive and my technical issues don’t appear impossible to eliminate anymore. However my search hasn’t stopped; I hope to try a few more in the near future.

I better get on with my notes now.


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