Excitement! (And lots of music to learn)

I am aware that I haven’t written anything on here for over a fortnight – apologies for lack of interesting stories! At least I didn’t write about something as banal as snowfall in March – oh wait, it snowed…Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

I guess you could say that I have been ‘busy’, but to be honest my daily routine for the past couple of weeks felt like a distasteful mix of idleness, staring-blankly-into-my-surroundings and uncertainty. When I thought of my coursework, I found myself practising piano. This apparent conflict, confusion or delusion(!) of priorities was experienced this afternoon when I decided to practise violin in the hour before my French Speaking exam; rather than devoting the last precious minutes to revision, I messed around with Rode Caprice No. 5.

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos(This is how I studied over the weekend.)

Fortunately, after some much needed contemplation about the heap of tasks which are to be completed by the end of term (in two weeks), this mentality is fading ever so slightly. And here I am, posting on my blog how this change came about.

(1) Tonight I had my final Parents’ Evening ever. With fewer subjects this year, you’d think that my mother and I would be able to circle the room of teachers quite quickly. But of course, that was not the case, and it lasted from 5-7pm.

Like most parent-teacher-pupil discussions I had experienced, I was often squirming in my seat, either frustrated with the teacher’s manner or by my mother’s unusual remarks. Thank god I don’t have to go through that any more, as a pupil anyway. Something I will miss: the cakes!
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I suppose the majority of the comments were very encouraging and I get the impression that I am doing something right. Yet there was one thing which bothered me: I was criticised for being impatient! And so I retorted (as gently as I could),

Of course I am!

The adjective didn’t really bother me, but how can you use that to argue for the lack of organization or guidance? Anyway, motivation from teachers; the first ‘exciting thing’ – ha, ha, ha.

(2) I think my mind catapulted when I discovered who was visiting school next Tuesday. The Brodsky Quartet!!!!!!! If I use that many exclamation marks, it is pretty obvious how excited I am about this. When I heard, I literally leapt onto the nearby wall and made unrecognisable noises. (Imagine that as you will…) My quartet are going to play the first two movements of Ravel String Quartet in F.
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

(3) The School Easter concert features an all-Mozart programme: Overture to Marriage of Figaro, Violin Concerto No. 5 and the Requiem. There are quite a lot of notes to learn in that pile. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to play these fantastic works.

(4) NYO Spring Course is in two and a half weeks and involves a big programme: Schoenberg Concerto for String Quartet and Orchestra, Stravinsky Symphony in Three Movements, Korngold Captain Blood Suite, Rachmaninoff Symphonic Dances.

Yes. I am getting rather restless about that.

(5) The first Edinburgh University Chamber Orchestra (EUCO) rehearsal is next week! We are going on a concert tour to Budapest this June! Woohoo! More notes to learn.

(6) This is slightly off-topic, but I have recently acquired a second piano pupil! Aw, what fun.

(7) And I have also received an offer from a university.

So I am pretty much in orchestra mode at the moment. I should sleep now, for tomorrow is another day. Goodnight.

(Did I mention that I am very excited?)


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