A taster of The Brodsky Quartet

This evening, I battled through a crazy ‘blizzard’ for 45 minutes to make the Brodsky Quartet concert at the Queen’s Hall. Blinded by snow and bruised by the hailstones, my body armour appeared to be useless at protecting me from the sideways snowfall.
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This concert featured their Wheel of 4Tunes, a multicolored wheel that displayed 40 of their favorite works. A member of the audience is invited to spin the wheel and let fate choose the next piece. Having an unplanned programme made it incredibly exciting and encouraged the audience to be involved in the music making; what a wonderful thing to do…!

A lad from our school group managed to jump up to spin the wheel for the fourth and final time. The rest of us sitting in the upper gallery couldn’t help but cheer for him and make a few stifled claps.

He must have muttered something to the violist (who was wearing a very stylish waistcoat) about our school, because the violist then asked in full bodied voice,

Are you a pupil at the music school? . . . We are going there tomorrow morning!

[A little chuckle from the audience]

So we will see you tomorrow then?

To which our lovely lad replied,

Yes. . . Only if I haven’t died by then.

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

(We do love that boy.)
With great enthusiasm, the wheel was set in motion and seemed to go on for ages. Finally, it landed on a Tchaikovsky Quartet – I can’t remember which one.

You can also see in the picture their library of 40 works spread across the stage and that there are no chairs – they stand in their performances, with the exception of the cellist. It was a really unique stage presence and completely liberating to watch, freeing up the music in every sort of way.

I would write more about tonight, but I must keep in mind that in about nine hours I will be playing to them in a masterclass!!!!!!!!! Yes, the exclamation marks are still there for now. Goodnight. There will be much to write about after two hours and fifteen minutes of working with them.


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