The Brodsky Quartet Workshop

I still can’t believe this all happened.

Yesterday, The Brodsky Quartet spent the morning at school working with a number of our chamber groups. Situated in various large practice rooms, each group was tutored by one member of the Brodskys, and, during our session at least, another would sit in the audience and give a few suggestions. My quartet had the violist Paul Cassidy who inspired us to create a greater range of colours and some more magic for our Ravel Quartet. By the end, we had indeed added more imagination and life to the music! Notes we no longer notes and I eventually sorted out some of my distasteful shifts and bulges – a little personal achievement.

This is what we look like when we are taking a break:
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Last night, after the Edinburgh University Chamber Orchestra rehearsal, I spent the last ounces of my energy on writing an account of everything that was discussed in our workshop and in such detail, like the importance of a single pizzicato note in the cello part. Our session was very intensive and we focussed on every phrase, pulling it apart, finding the sound, putting it all together. He was both fun and firm with his ideas which made us even more determined to get it right!

At lunchtime, we were treated to a short concert, which was of a similar format to the one on Monday night, but an umbrella was used instead of a wheel to decide their programme! Apparently when the quartet went on tour, they weren’t allowed to take the wheel onto the airplane and this was what they came up with.
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Pupils were invited to spin the brolly …

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….and whatever name was on the top (ie. parallel to the floor) when the spinning stopped was the one whose work they would perform!

What a splendid, splendid day. Rather exhausting too. If only they tutored us every week. In fact, they are the sort of charismatic inspiration that I’d like to keep in my pocket for the rest of my life to give me pearls of musical wisdom every day.

I don’t really think that’s possible…

I ought to be more realistic about life, especially since the school concert is in less than a week and things are looking…interesting.

Now, I’m about to have lunch! Yay!


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