Happy Easter! Photos from the end of term…

I hope everyone is having a lovely Easter break. When I woke up this morning the sun was shining, the radio was comforting my sleepy head with choir and organ in a lovely morning service, and I felt quite at ease…

But peace and quiet rarely last for more than a few minutes. Today I’m going to the NYO Spring Course! Once again I am on the train to the residential with Michael.
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Here he is with a chocolate bunny and a beautiful score of Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 5.

He told me his sister was keeping the chocolate to eat after lent but decided to hide it in his NYO suitcase instead! How sweet.

As well as being Principal Clarinet Michael is also a brilliant conductor. On one of the nights of the course he will be conducting the Tchaikovsky along with three other members of the NYO for fun! Hence the studious reading of the score (with the guidance of a chocolate bunny of course).

For a Sunday this train is spectacularly busy. Perhaps that’s why the ticket inspector threatened poor Michael with a £45 bill because his jacket on the empty seat beside him.

The final week of term was also quite jam-packed with rehearsals 24/7 for the end of term concert and other organising to do.

On the concert day a few of us realised we had forgotten to do an essential task and scampered to Tesco to buy gifts for the two conductors! We bought (I was not involved in the purchase!) the usual alcoholic drinks, two bottles of vino on this occasion. Since I didn’t know much about the differences between wines, I wandered off to find chocolate for myself – Galaxy for £1.39? what a rip-off Tesco…!

Mini accompanied me to the chocolates & biscuits aisle. As our eyes scanned the array of commercialised crap delights, we spotted baby Beanie Baby Gorillas!
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And I thought, why not include one with each bottle of wine? Alcohol is far too predictable; I’m sure musicians enjoy receiving it as a present but it must get so dull. Only 98p per primate!

Mini protested and said they were too cute to give way. In the end they were a keeper. If their big eyes didn’t encourage you to go all ‘Aw’, then their names will for sure. A baby Gorilla called Romeo? Ahhhh….

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The concert was brilliant and the conductors adored their gifts! We pulled off an entire Mozart concert, overture, concerto and requiem. I don’t know how, but we did. Well done all you amazing people – most of all to the pupils who put their blood, sweat and tears into making it work!
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On the following day the seniors had to set up the dining room for the Headteacher’s Farewell Tea Party. Cakes galore!
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And I managed to do some practice for NYO.
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In 25 minutes we will back in wonderful Durham for NYO Principals’ Day. YAY! See you there. 🙂


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