My Final Term at Music School

Hello again, I’m back with a fresher mind and lovely experiences to share with you from the last month.

(Can you believe this is my last term of high school? I’m leaving this establishment in 9 weeks!)

First of all, the NYO Spring residency pretty much engulfed my Easter holiday and I was playing exciting music all day long. I don’t think I’ve ever been so upset about going back home as I was on the final day. After our concert (a week ago) in the Royal Festival Hall, I went to dinner with my family bearing the face of an alien suffering from an allergy; because I had been crying a hell of a lot and my face had morphed dramatically.

The concert makeup was smudged and my hand held a glass of pink wine. Why couldn’t I stop crying? It must have looked like every dumpling I ate or every sip I drank was feeding me with sadness…

London the following day:
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In short, this course was amazing, amazing, amazing. The enthusiasm that my desk partner, Djeikub (Jacob), and I emit on a regular basis reached a completely new level as we became exceedingly ecstatic in rehearsals. For a more comprehensive understanding of how our eagerness could surpass itself, follow these equations:

1) Korngold, schmaltzy music + our cheesy grandparent personalities = beaming at eachother whenever there’s a romantic glissando/slide.

2) Korngold, lively market music + excitable personalities = bobbing along to pizzicato/plucking.

3) Schoenberg, random short bursts of notes + excitable personalities = greatly anticipating every entry, with crazy smiles on faces

4) Rachmaninoff, beautiful melodies + sentimental grandparents = incessant swaying + serious faces

The dream desk at The Sage, Gateshead – our concert in Newcastle.
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One of the highlights of the course was definitely the waltzing. NYO invited a dance teacher to guide us through the basic steps of the waltz and help us form a physical connection to the Rachmaninoff Symphonic Dances.

Ahh, I miss it all so much!
A day out in Durham:
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And I stole these from someone’s Facebook – Newcastle concert:

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London concert:
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To cheer myself up, the day after NYO I had a posh ice-cream in London.
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Speaking of ice-creams, this week marked the arrival of Spring/Summer as my roommate and I bought our first Calippo ice lollies of 2013. Isn’t the weather nicer? Soon we will be playing basketball outside… And I will have left school!
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But before all that talk of freedom and celebration, I have to start revising (and teach myself a whole academic music history unit), get through three joyous exams (hopefully enabling me to take up my place at university) and practise!

Also worth mentioning is my new hobby: 1920s American dancing! Totally inspired by the period in which all the Spring NYO music was written, I’m going to be shaking and flapping around each week, Charleston and all that jazzy stuff.

I started yesterday and loved it! But I think I worked my arms too much and there is a sour pain in my right shoulder, which was probably worsened after practising violin later in the evening.

Oh the joys of being super keen all the time, in everything I do.

Anyway, the shoulder was so unbearable I decided to treat myself by lying down for a while and write a very long delayed post for all of you.

To finish, some official news: I hope to be studying at Kings College London after the summer. Wohoo!


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