Two builders taking a tea break

As the skies begin to clear, the sun hat is being worn more often. This is good news. Soon I will be able to combine shorts, sandals and hat, and turn into a summer goddess.

But that day is a while yet. Edinburgh still manages to surprise us all by hitting our faces with rain. Running to a bus stop with a violin on your back is not fun, especially if it squeaks. The street noise in the heart of town can overwhelm the lilting iambic rhythm. Then turning into the quieter streets, the metal joints begin grinding their little ostinato again and I notice people giving me confused looks.

This is sort of reaction I normally receive when walking along the avenues of the lawyers and office clerks. With the sun shining on the ivory-white Georgian stone walls, the walk is certainly pleasant to the eye and I admire the view far and wide, being struck once again by the symmetry of the architecture.

As I cross the road, I see two builders sitting on a step and enjoying a lunch break. They have a coffee by their knee and a roll in their hand. Oh have they been looking forward to that first bite all day…

Clip, clip, clip – ! A young office lady going in the opposite direction. In black heels she is sprinting down the pavement at full gusto. Yes, there is a slight smile on her face. She runs past these builders and into the distance. The rate of the clicking of her heels draws the attention of the builders and they stop lunching. They are compelled to observe this woman. I stare at them staring at the woman. They mumble to one another, eyes still watching the little black suit getting smaller and smaller and smaller. Look at her go, they say. Is she going to break?

Ascot style.

So that was how a scampering office lady succeeded in drawing attention away from my squeaking violin case. I hope you enjoyed my little story.


On a personal update, I have done one out of three exams. English is over forever and I miss it already! I’m thinking of posting some of my creative folio work on here. Not sure what sort of response that could bring…

Before thinking of doing anything like that, more pressing matters need to be dealt with. Practice and revision for the upcoming Edinburgh University Chamber Orchestra rehearsals for our tour to Budapest, French and Music exams. Not to mention various deadlines. Eek…

Other interesting facts: I have now joined Twitter! So far I have posted one tweet. Doing splendidly. I thought I’d join to enrich my awareness of the world, stay in touch with current affairs, and share my blog along the way. Follow me on @diaryofanoggin!


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