The Weekend – teaching, sun, trombones and all that.

After teaching on Sunday, there’s always a period of fifty minutes before brunch (yum) which I find difficult to use productively, as it were, for homework or practice. Even when my stomach is crying out for food, making a piece of toast isn’t an entirely feasible idea since I’d rather stuff my face with brunch. My brain works better with food so I prefer to work after I’ve eaten. With all these options ruled out I’m now here, writing a blog post.

Teaching is going really, really well. My pupils are so creative! Look what one of them drew for me this week:

 photo 62C21D5E-588B-4B9D-92BA-E8142D75879D-311-000000BCC12B96AF_zps50fe328a.jpg

She’s playing a piece called Never Vex a Tyrannosaurus Rex which has lots of different shades and characters. Often I’m astounded by how much sound she can make, especially at the very end with the finishing chord. Using the lowest registers of the piano, she makes a huge – and I mean huge – growl. Crazy stuff.

However in another lesson today, I was the one making grotesque noises with my rumbling tummy and croaky throat. I was trying to sing and then kghuugughckeeu came out instead – very embarrassing. The little girl was laughing at me and I had to hum the tune instead. Lesson learned: always eat something before a 10:30am class.


Yesterday the sunshine brought us outside for our dinner. My friend assembled his hammock underneath two blossom trees and pushed the benches over.

 photo A9F03E64-7D4E-40E8-9B71-AEFFD37D1141-423-0000002D5081BAF4_zpsbfa137e0.jpg

Then the lads decided to get their trombones and have a little play-through in the sun:

 photo C54C5EDA-BA1C-4445-982D-B99555C427D2-423-0000002C34C7514B_zps7cf2fe12.jpg

*blows a big note*

Listen to that echo!

 photo D5264551-978A-46BF-B27B-3A10D51F8379-423-0000002C3A123E8D_zps9cc64162.jpg

 photo 1D3AC0B7-8246-45AE-BF80-74AE5EC826D9-423-0000002C4086DB0D_zps1f36ed7b.jpg

 photo 7BBDC85C-5797-4A90-A47B-61E74EEA0AA9-423-0000002C4AD4670D_zpsfd6f75b2.jpg

 photo E582634D-A195-4133-B9EC-7DDEFB718230-423-0000002C45747AE5_zps8502050e.jpg

 photo C1B8085C-A924-4B04-B786-064B514E2538-423-0000002C50D86119_zps801c1d9f.jpg

 photo F6C0387C-FB39-4CCB-AB81-AB5285CD1CD2-423-0000002C5514FD3D_zps5dac1c2f.jpg

And then I went inside to do some of my own practice. Starting out efficiently, the quality of my practice receded and I ended up just find cool pieces in the music library to sightread. Ridiculous seeing as I have an audition in Glasgow this afternoon and I still haven’t worked out what to play!


Hope people are still alive and well during exams.

I have French next Wednesday. Should probably learn some words and write some essays.
But before that, it’s time for brunch! Hoorah!


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