A funeral for a digital camera: RIP my dear Nikon

Right, I don’t know what’s going on. I’ve been trying to write something substantial and intelligent all day but nothing I wrote was convincing enough, and I deleted everything in the post after only a few paragraphs. Is this writer’s block or have I worsened over the year? I am dissatisfied with my writing, therefore I am not happy with what is there for me to write about, which suggest how bored I am with myself, my surroundings and views on life. Hm, I don’t often use the word ‘bored’ since it suggests that you, the person experiencing boredom, are so idle and unimaginative that you can’t even find another way to enjoy life. Which is absurd because life is bloody brilliant if you make it so.

In fact, I don’t think I am bored. I’m just hormonal. There are still a few years before I am no longer eligible to use this teenager excuse for lack of consistency.

That’s funny; I’ve actually written a paragraph that communicates my thoughts and deviated from what I intended to write for this post.


In the absence of linguistic ability I turned to focus on a skill which I had ignored for the entire year:


Now I shall explain the theme of my two most recent works.

During the summer, my Nikon went into camera retirement. He wouldn’t focus properly which resulted in whole bunch of useless smudged NYO concert photos, nor could he switch on and off without the lens spasming violently as it closed in and opened out.

I decided it was time to have him put down and say farewell. Nikon, it’s been a wonderful two years seeing the world and capturing memories with you. The photos you produced were so beautiful; I especially liked how you smoothed out people’s skin in portrait mode and made us feel better about ourselves.

May you Rest In Peace and drift into paradise with your family, whom I’ve never met.

With the loss of a dear one, I thought another burden had been added – finding an honourable replacement – to my huge bag of worries about the future. How would I survive with only the mediocre camera on my iPhone?!

Fortunately my Dad, being the electronics-lover-technology-gadget-nerd he is, had recently purchased a Lumix camera from a very good online deal. The wonderful – and hilarious – thing about this was not that he saved my sanity, but that he kept it a secret from my stepmother; she can’t stand his obsession with techno gadgets!

“Uh, don’t tell her… Just say you brought it from the UK, okay?”

His behaviour is like that of a small child who keeps under his bed a box of sweets and eats them when no-one else is looking. He can’t stand the idea of his Mum discovering his collection and getting angry at him eroding his teeth with sugar, but loves them too much to stop devouring.

Forged from the fires of marital secrecy and childishness, the Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS19 is a sleek and handsome machine. The 20x zoom would beat the baby Nikon any day, however I will have to get used to a bulky device. What I loved about the Nikon was it produced decent photos whilst being extremely handy to carry; thin enough to slip into a clutch bag and a trouser pocket. Though from the looks of it the Lumix’s power will justify its bigger size.

I’ve yet to fully explore its functions but it shows great promise. I’m sure we will have good times together. Here’s to the future; wohoo!


HEY EVERYBODY: the National Youth Orchestra Prom is being broadcast tomorrow (Friday) on BBC4 at 19:30 GMT. Watch it please!


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