Welcome to London: Freshers Week Musings

A law student here writing. Prepare yourself for dry sentences and stony frankness.

This time last week I was packing my life away into seven Morrisons heavy-duty Shopping Bags, two suitcases and two rucksacks. The synthetic grocery bags were each assigned to a category and one suitcase contained shoes, and the other accommodated a 3-month Fall/Winter wardrobe. Winter clothes are a nuisance because they take up masses of space.

Collecting and collating my belongings proved an enjoyable last evening with my mother. Surprisingly our moods and ideas appeared to synchronise and there was little or no memorable dispute all night. If there was it would have been over a pair of shoes or a packet of disinfecting wipes and quickly resolved by me accepting her contributions. I knew how easily the final hours at home could turn sour…

We drove off at 9am towards the clear blue skies. The route we took crossed through royal green forests and fields where cows, sheep and horses reside. Like at home, the conversation was pleasant and amicable. Mother new best not to aggravate a mind which hosted a million anxieties and doubts, and likewise I respected the superwoman who volunteered to drive nine hours to London and also back to Edinburgh.

Around 8pm we arrived by a concrete blue cuboid that I recognised as my home for the rest of the year. Then I unlocked my room…

The events for London Freshers are so many that a week for freshers extends to early October, almost a month. I recall during my Facebook days (haw haw I have permanently left that unpleasant, numbing vacuum) the club event pages which deafened me with their marketing messages:

GET READY FOR THE BIGGEST NIGHT OF LONDON FRESHERS WEEK!! Last year tickets sold out in just TWO WEEKS – buy now to avoid disappointment!

They were often decorated by rows and rows of asterisks or stars for additional crazy clubbing sparkle.

As of today I have attended a few events including two Freshers parties and two drinks events organised specially for law students. I will not go into acute details of either, but I will say my preference lies with the classy, intimate incense of wine and the chandeliers of an old Fleet Street pub.

The freebies given out during Freshers were plentiful and varied. I have four canvas tote bags which now hang off the corner of my shelves and two free books on Economics and Negotiation from signing up for a deal with The Economist Magazine. They look very pretty on my shelf beside the four law books I borrowed from university library.


Not your typical law fresher freebie.

One day from 9 till 4 there was a law school induction, where we sat through talks by professors of different subject areas and presidents of the student law societies.

I warmed to them all, but there were one or two individuals, such as the Head of Criminal Law, who were slightly unsettling. He was the only one who told us to study and don’t get behind and buy these books now and read three chapters before the first Monday lecture in his ten minutes slot, which must have scared many students into rushing to the bookshop down the road and spending over sixty pounds – including student discount – on two colossal bricks of wafer-thin paper.

The scene reminded me of one in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory where the children crowd around the sweet stall grabbing Willy Wonka sweets off the shelves, but with droopy-eyed, indecisive young adults and timid extending of the hands.


Barrister Couture:

Later we explored the Inns of Court: the ancient offices and courtyards of English barristers hidden away from the clamour of London City. Brickwork beauty, you could say.


Ta-da, a snapshot of my first week. Here’s to my first post as a London girl and a law student. Many more to come.

Goodnight my learned friends.


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